Parlare col tuo padrone di casa in inglese

appartamento in inglese

Parlare con il tuo padrone di casa non è necessariamente una cosa complicata. Impara a memoria queste espressioni comuni e imparale bene per quando ne avrai bisogno!
Quando organizzi per la prima volta un appuntamento per vedere una camera o un appartamento in affitto

  • My name is… I saw your advertisement of a room/house/apartment to rent and I’m very interested.
  • When would it be convenient for me to view the room please?
  • I’m sorry I am only able to view after 6 o’clock (or 6p.m.) in the evening or at weekends due to my work commitments.
  • I could view the room in my lunch break between 12 and 2p.m.
  • So that’s Wednesday evening at 6p.m? I look forward to meeting you.

Quando incontri il padrone di casa per vedere la stanza o l’appartamento

  • Does the rent include the costs for water and heating?
  • How much are the electricity/gas/water bills for a year?
  • Is there a telephone connection? I need to be able to get internet access.
  • How many other rooms are let in the building?
  • How many people share the bathroom/kitchen.
  • Is there a laundry room?
  • So this studio apartment has an open plan area which is for living, sleeping and cooking with a separate bathroom?
  • So this apartment has an open plan living area with kitchenette, a separate bedroom and a bathroom?
  • Do you have an apartment available with its own separate kitchen, bedroom and bathroom?
  • Is there a washing machine/dishwasher in the kitchen?
  • Do any of the other tenants have children?
  • Am I allowed to redecorate the rooms?
  • How long is the rental lease for?
  • Do I have to pay a security deposit?
  • Have many other people viewed the room already?
  • When will you decide who gets the room?
  • When would I be able to move in?
  • How much notice.
  • Am I allowed to use the garden at the rear or does that belong to the ground floor apartment?

Una volta che ti trasferisci nella camera o nell’appartamento, potresti trovare delle cose che non funzionano

  • The heating/air conditioning/washing machine/dishwasher isn’t working.
  • I’m having a problem with my key and lock. It is difficult to unlock the door.
  • The timed light always goes out before I can reach the landing.
  • Could you organize for it to be repaired please?
  • I’m sorry but I have to complain about the neighbors upstairs/downstairs/on the other side of the hallway.
  • They are very noisy.
  • They leave their garbage in the hallway which leaves an unpleasant smell and attracts cats, mice and rats.
  • They leave bicycles in the hallway and it is difficult to open the door and get into the hallway.
  • The children leave toys on the stairs and it is very dangerous.
  • Could you come and look at the problem(s) for yourself and speak to them please?

Ora che sai come si parla al tuo padrone di casa inglese, continua a fare pratica e impara con i nostri corsi di inglese online!

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