5 consejos para decir la hora en inglés

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Telling the time in English is more complicated than it seems; It’s not just about reading the numbers on the clock, it’s about using something specific. This something is phrases and expressions that are used in English to tell the time you need to know how to do it correctly. Make sure you can tell the time well in English with these five tips.

1. Choose which clock you will use to give the time in English

There are two ways to tell the time in English, with the 12-hour clock and the 24-hour clock. On the 24-hour clock, the numbers 0 through 23 are used to tell the time; in the 12-hour one, they are used from 1 to 12. To know the difference between morning and afternoon, ” AMis used for the morning and ” PM ” for the afternoon.

2. Use the “o’clock” only until 12

Only the “o’clock” is used for exact hours. For example: you would only say “eight o’clock” when it is 08:00 and not when it is 08:01. Also, the “o’clock” is only used for the 12-hour clock, so it would never be said “13 o’clock” .

3. Always “half past”, never “half to”

Unlike other places, in English the “half past” is used to talk about any time ending in “: 30”. After that, you start using “to” . So, 06:30 is “half past six” and 06:31 is “29 minutes to seven”. Also, only the “half past” is used with the 12-hour clock.

4. Use “quarter” for fifteen minutes before or after one hour

At X: 15 and at X: 45, the expressions: “quarter past” and “quarter to” can be used . These expressions sound very natural and, as with “half past”, these expressions are only used on the 12-hour clock.

la hora en inglés

5. Use “at” for specific times and use “in” for parts of the day

“At” is used to talk about a specific time. For example: “I’ll meet you at six PM” . There are specific hours that, as in Spanish, have their own name and for all these, “at” is also used . So: “midday”, “midnight”, “dawn” and “dusk” use all “at” before. But, if you are talking about a part of the day, “in” is used . So we would say: “in the morning”, “in the afternoon”, “in the evening” or “in the night”. There is only one exception to this rule and it is because we can also say: “at night”

So the next time you see your watch, think about how you would say what time it is in English and if you see that it costs you work, remember these tips. Remember to also review our online English lessons .

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