Learn English 3x faster with private teachers.

We have taught English to more people than anyone. Over the last 20 years, we’ve perfected the fastest way to learn English online. We have combined the simplicity of private lessons, the ability to speak to other learners and our advanced interactive English learning tools to help you learn English 3x faster.

Private lessons with Pro Teachers.

Our certified native-English speaking Pro Teachers don’t just teach - they mentor you. You’ll discuss learning challenges, set goals and celebrate success together. Your Pro Teacher will make sure you stay motivated, focused and achieve results fast.

Group classes with learners just like you.

Join live sessions with small groups at your level to further practice English conversations in real-life scenarios and apply all you have learned. Speak, interact and live the language as you improve your English.

Interactive tools to sharpen your learning.

Access thousands of hours of vibrant interactive lessons designed to help you achieve your personal goals. You will progress fast at home, work or on the move. Make any moment a learning moment.

Learn English.

Your Way.

Boost your career, travel abroad, pass an exam and much more. Included with all our plans are vibrant lessons where you’ll learn hands-on, practical skills and quickly grow confidence in English. Your teachers will help you read, write, speak and live English.

English courses that match your goals.

TOEIC Preparation

Prepare for the TOEIC quickly and effectively with EF English Live's intensive online test preparation.

Business English
Business English

Fast track your career. Our compelling real-world business scenarios will help you perfect your communication in the workplace.

General English
General English

Speak English with confidence. Our full range of General English topics ensure you are always part of the conversation.

Travel English
Travel English

Maximise your travel experience. Whether it’s a short vacation, adventure around the world or a fresh start we will help you feel at home wherever you go.

TOEFL Exam Prep
TOEFL Preparation

Score your best results. Join preparation group lessons, access hundreds of hours of trial tests and confidently pass your exam with flying colours.

TOEIC Exam Prep
TOEIC Preparation

Prepare for the TOEIC quickly and effectively with EF English Live's intensive online test preparation.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we know our method works

Learning English isn’t easy, but it can be life-changing. That’s why we’re proud to have developed the fastest, most effective, and innovative way to learn English online. Our scientific teaching methodology works, just ask one of the 20 million people who have successfully learned English with us. Are you next?

Learn with our satisfaction guarantee

Your English progress is what matters the most to us.

Complete at least one teacher-led class (private or group) and one self-study module every week. If you’re not satisfied with your learning experience after your first 12 weeks, you can cancel within one month and get your money back. It’s as simple as that. We call it ‘The Satisfaction Guarantee’ and we’re the only online English school to offer it.

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Just in case you missed anything.

Here are some frequently asked questions about learning to speak English online.

Learning to speak English is similar to studying other subjects, with the additional benefit that learning a language opens up endless possibilities to connect with and discover the world.

When studying English online with EF English Live, you just need to be committed and dedicated, and we'll take care of the rest. Through our platform you'll be learning with our dedicated native speaking English teachers who will support you every step of the way.

You will also have access to group lessons during which you can converse with other students, always in English.

The first thing to remember is that everyone learns to speak English at a different pace. If you want to learn as much as possible in a short time then you can try the following tips:

1. Don't be afraid to try: part of the learning process is to try, and make some mistakes while doing so.

2. Speak English at all times: very often it's not the lack of grammar as much as the ability to describe what is around us or what is happening. The brain is like a muscle that needs training and speaking English at every opportunity (even alone) will help you develop your language skills without even realizing it.

3. Expose yourself as much as possible to spoken English: reading helps to improve your vocabulary, but hearing English words spoken in real-life situations will help you know how and when to use them, pronounce them and recall them when you need them.

4. Body language is important: seeing how people move and the gestures they make while speaking English will help you understand and memorize new words more easily.

5. Try to interact with a native or bilingual person who can give you suggestions, advice and correct you when you make mistakes. EF English Live takes all of these elements and more into account in our online English courses. With us you can speak English online whenever you want, wherever you are, 24/7.

With EF English Live's study plans, you'll have access to group lessons and private lessons where you can practice speaking English as much as you want. And during private lessons you will interact with a native speaking teacher who will encourage you to speak English and develop your language skills according to your goals.

Absolutely. Our group classes give you the opportunity to talk with, and listen to, students from different countries who have the same English level as you. These live sessions will help you to further practice English conversation and apply what you have learned so far.

We value social learning because it's enjoyable and helps to keep you motivated.