Online English Conversation

Conversation offers a range of benefits. One of the best ways to learn from native speakers is an online English conversation course.

You will learn from a native English speaker, improving your pronunciation, vocabulary, and confidence. By immersing yourself in conversations with native speakers, you’ll also make fast improvements.

What is an online English conversation course?

A virtual conversation course is a quick and effective way to learn English speaking online. You’ll learn with native English teachers from around the world, giving you the chance to have conversations in English.

EF English Live also offers students the opportunity to learn in small groups. You can take part in as many sessions as you want. The more sessions you take part in, the faster you'll improve your speaking skills.

You’ll learn new words and information, apply your lesson learning, and get a deeper understanding of the English language.  

EF Teacher
EF Teacher

Practice your English-speaking skills

In your English conversation class, you’ll learn from native English-speaking teachers. They’ll guide your language learning journey, allowing you to hear correct pronunciations in native English conversation.

This will quickly improve your pronunciation and accent, taking your spoken English to the next level.

Unlike a traditional English course, EF English Live adapts the lesson to your personal planning. You can also learn more about the different types of English courses online that we offer.

EF Method
EF Method

Build your confidence

Having a conversation is an exciting challenge. This is especially true when you are speaking in a second language. In your conversation class, you’ll build your confidence by practising your English language skills with your tutor.

It can be challenging, and you might make some mistakes, but this is the best and fastest way to master a language.

EF English Live
EF English Live

More choices

In a one-on-one English conversation course, you’ll be able to talk about topics that interest you. This is a great way to engage with your lesson and improve your conversation skills.

You might choose to focus on weaker areas of your English language skills or try new things. You can also book lessons with your favourite teacher every time, so you’ll know that your lesson will be enjoyable and productive.

Writing a business proposal
Writing a business proposal

Meet people

What better way to improve your English level than by meeting new people?

EF English Live helps you meet new people in our English-speaking course. Talk with your new friends about hobbies, movies, or music. Find a common topic that suits you to learn and speak with pleasure.

Together with your regular classes, conversations with teachers and other students will quickly improve your English skills.

Greeting and introductions
Greeting and introductions

Why EF English Live?

At EF English Live we help our students learn through our English speaking class from their own homes or study areas.

Our online English-speaking course is led by native English-speaking teachers, helping to rapidly improve our students’ English skills.

EF English Live
EF English Live

EF English Live is rated as Excellent

I'm grateful to EF English Live

"Before I signed up to study English online, my language level was very low. But already after completing level 2 I could understand a lot more vocabulary and sentences. I'll definitely keep going until level 16. Thank you for making it fun and easy to learn English."

Mona Saudi Arabia
This was a great experience

"Studying English with EF English Live was a great experience not only thanks to the many resources available to the students but also because I really improved my English level during the course. I'm now at level C1 and C2 in listening and reading, and B2 in grammar. I'm aiming to get to C1 overall."

José Colombia

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Just in case you missed anything.

Here a few frequently asked questions about our online English courses.

Traditional classes are great for learning correct grammar, spelling, reading, and writing skills. But they don’t always give you conversation practice. If you were to study English without practising conversation, you might find it difficult to use those skills in real life. That’s where conversation courses offer many advantages:

  • Learn real communication skills

Traditional English lessons can involve you saying sentences without receiving a reply. In an EF English Live conversation class, you’ll converse with another person.

You speak, listen to what the other person says, understand their words, and reply. This will engage all aspects of your English language studies and is the best way to learn a foreign language quickly.

  • Learn interesting new words

When speaking, you’ll learn more words than any book can teach you. Your teachers will be native English speakers, so they can introduce you to new and exciting words. Above all, this will help you talk to English-speaking people in the real world.

  • Fun and engaging classes

Conversation classes are fun, exciting and engaging. You’ll cover many topics in your classes, learning interesting new things about your teacher and fellow students. They’re a great way to enjoy lessons while improving your speaking and listening skills.

  • Personal attention

In a one-on-one online English conversation class, you’ll receive personal attention from your tutor. You’ll be able to learn things and receive immediate feedback on your skills. If you do make a mistake at any point, your tutor will be able to help you quickly.

  • Learn more than language

During a conversation class, you’ll learn more than just a new language. You’ll learn about the people you speak with. You’ll also learn much more about the English-speaking world and the culture and traditions of English-speaking countries.

Learning English in conversation classes builds on your existing grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Regardless of your level, EF English Live provides you with different lessons from beginner to advanced. Your teacher will adapt the session, so you’ll learn at your own pace.

  • Reinforce learning

No matter how much grammar and vocabulary you’ve already learned, you’ll benefit from conversation classes. Your teacher will help you if you do make any mistakes in English grammar or verb tenses.

  • Face-to-face teaching

Face-to-face lessons will teach you more skills. You’ll learn social cues and correct pronunciation for your English vocabulary. Some English words can also sound different to how they look. Learning face-to-face in a virtual English conversation is a great way to hear how native speakers talk.

  • Real-world challenges

No grammar or vocabulary lesson can prepare you for real-world language challenges. Conversation courses will help you to be ready. Whether you are looking for a conversational English tutor or business English conversation, you’ll add real-world interactions to your grammar and vocabulary skills.