Online English Conversation Courses

Having a conversation in English offers a number of extraordinary advantages. The best way to learn English is by choosing an online conversation course. Immerse yourself in conversations with native and non-native speakers and improve quickly.

What is an online English conversation course?

A virtual conversation course is a quick and effective way to learn English online. You will practice with native English teachers from all over the world.

In addition to one-on-one conversation classes, EF English Live offers the opportunity to participate in group classes with other students. Book as many sessions as you like and improve your English.

Practice the language and enrich your cultural background with our online conversation classes. They are a great way to practice English together with native speakers.

Improve your speaking skills in English

Our conversation class is taught by native speakers. Interacting with them will help you improve in pronunciation and listening.

In addition, EF English Live fits your lessons around your schedule. Unlike a traditional English course, you can decide when to have class.

Gain confidence

Conversation can be quite a challenge, even more so when you do it in a foreign language. Our conversation classes will help you gain confidence by practicing your language skills with our tutors.

It may be challenging, and you may make some mistakes, but this is the best and fastest way to master English.

The choice is yours

Our online English school offers highly customizable conversation courses. You can choose the topics that interest you most and address them during the class.

This mode will allow you to be more involved in the lesson and hone your communication skills.

You can also choose to book lessons directly with your favourite teacher, making your sessions even more enjoyable and productive.

Meet new people

What better way to strengthen your English level than by meeting new people?

EF English Live helps you make new acquaintances through its English conversation course. Talk to your new friends about movies or music. Find a common topic that allows you to learn while having fun.

Conversing with your teachers and other students will enable you to strengthen your language skills in no time.

Why EF English Live?

Here at EF English Live we help our learners improve their English level through conversation classes that can be joined from the comfort of their home.

Our online English Conversation Course is taught by professional native speakers. Our Efekta Teachers™ help you increase your language level in just a few weeks.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our online English conversation classes:

Traditional classes are excellent for learning grammar and enhancing spelling skills. However, they may not always provide ample opportunities for practicing spoken English. Without regular speaking practice, you might encounter difficulties when using English in real-life situations. This is why opting for an online English course that allows you to engage in conversations with accredited teachers can be more advantageous.

  • Develop valuable communication skills

Traditional English classes often emphasise individual exercises that lack direct interaction with others. EF English Live's conversation courses, on the other hand, facilitate such interactions.

Engaging in conversations, actively listening to others, and responding will greatly contribute to rapid improvement in all aspects of language proficiency.

  • Expand your vocabulary

Engaging in conversations will expose you to a multitude of new vocabulary . Our native  tutors will introduce you to intriguing idiomatic expressions, colloquial phrases, and novel ways of expressing yourself. This newfound vocabulary will prove invaluable when you need to communicate in English within real-life scenarios.

  • Fun and engaging lessons

    Our conversation lessons are enjoyable, engaging, and stimulating. During these sessions, you'll explore various topics, learning new things about your instructors and fellow classmates. This approach will enable you to enhance your communication and listening skills while having a great time.

  • A personalized and individualized experience

    During online conversation lessons, your tutor will be entirely dedicated to your progress, offering individualized guidance. Our courses provide you with the opportunity to learn and receive immediate feedback on your skills. If you make a mistake during the lesson, your tutor will be ready to assist you.

  • More than just language learning

    Our conversation lessons offer something extra. In addition to improving your spoken English, they provide you with the chance to get to know the people you're conversing with. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the culture and traditions of English-speaking countries.

English learning through our conversation classes is grounded in your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. EF English Live offers various lesson types, catering to learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Your native English-speaking teacher will tailor the lessons to your specific needs.

·       Expanding your knowledge

No matter your proficiency in grammar or vocabulary, you will undoubtedly benefit from our conversation classes. Your native English-speaking Efekta Teacher™ will be available to assist you if you make any grammatical errors or mispronounce a word.

·       One-to-one sessions

Our one-to-one lessons offer you the opportunity to cultivate a range of skills. You'll encounter aspects related to language and culture, and you'll also have the chance to refine your pronunciation. Some English words may be pronounced differently from how they are written, and a face-to-face lesson with a native speaker is an excellent way to improve in this regard.

·       Preparation for real-world challenges

No grammar or vocabulary class can adequately prepare you for real-life situations. Our conversation course is designed to address this need. Whether you wish to enhance your casual or professional English, our courses will help you develop immediately applicable skills.