Sarah’s story: Learning English to create opportunities for the future

“I was able to retain more information and learn faster because of the methods that EF English Live provides. My reading, writing and listening improved significantly.”

In today’s world, we are moving towards a more global society and because of that the
English language has become more important than ever. The global spread of the language has created an increasing demand for English all over the world. Today, more than a quarter of the world’s population use the English language. Because of the impact of globalisation and economic development, English has become the language of opportunities, new career possibilities and the language that changes lives. To be able to communicate in English well is seen as a valuable and important asset in many jobs and university degrees around the world. For people wanting to learn English it not only broadens their horizons, but it also creates new opportunities and break new ground. One of our students, Sarah, realised how important learning English was for her studies and with planning to do another master’s degree in economics and management, she knew that improving her language skills was vital for her career.

Determined to use English as the key to progress in her career she began to realise how her future will demand excellent English. Already studying a master’s degree in religious studies, Sarah is now hoping to follow that with a master’s degree – in English.

Living in Saudi Arabia, Sarah decided to give our online school a try. She immediately felt the benefits of the usage of real-life English teachers and to join English Live and our live online group classes and private lessons. And it wasn’t long before her written, speaking and listening skills improved dramatically.

We called Sarah to discuss her language progress with us since she is one of our most
successful students. Sarah explains why our method of learning English is working for her and why it was a better choice than undertaking an English course at a local education center.

Tell us why you wanted to learn English?

There are three reasons. The English language will be very important in my workplace and future career progression. But the English language is also important for my master’s degree in religion studies, and one day I’d like to do another master’s degree in economics and management, but this time I want to do my degree in English. But what is also important to me is that I love studying English for my personal development.

What was your level of English when you first started with us?

I was level six, so that means I was at an intermediate level. But from the first week, I noticed a real difference in my language skills. Since I started learning with the English Live, my reading, writing and listening has improved significantly.

Why did you choose EF English Live?

I had two choices, to use an online website or app to learn English, or to study at one of the education centres in my hometown. Those centres are usually far away from where I live so I would be wasting an hour to get to class and then to get back home. It is time I could use to study with EF English Live teachers, who are always online. The teachers are all committed, and some are bilingual, which is great for beginners.

I also looked at other online English learning sites, but some of those still teach English in a very traditional way, like memorising words and sentences, then later teaching how to apply them. It added unnecessary learning time. It takes half the time with EF English Live, which gets you learning and applying the information at the same time. It takes half an hour whereas another site might take at least an hour. Almost every word I learn, I can apply it at the same time. It’s a great way to study.

At EF English Live, learning is also fun compared to other online providers. I noticed the difference in studying and I was able to retain more information and learn faster.

What do you think about our group classes and private lessons?

Yes, I take part in a group lesson almost every day! I do try to take a private lesson every week, except when I’m busy. But I would like to attend more private lessons. At the end of each week, I review all the lessons I have completed and the new vocabulary and grammar I have learned – it’s a simple way for me to progress.

Our teachers are exceptional. They are very committed, well qualified and they deliver their lessons in a simple style, speaking in a way which is easy to understand. They are also very supportive and provide great content.

Would you recommend EF English Live to other people?

Yes, I do really recommend EF English Live. It is quite famous here in Saudi Arabia, and if anyone asks me about learning English, I recommend them the online school immediately, without hesitating. I tell people that the school is affordable, especially as it helps me with reading, writing, listening and speaking.

I feel the importance of learning English has never been greater. I want to invest in my English skills today, to be able to broaden my opportunities for my career and studies in the future.