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Your English progress is what matters the most to us. If you’re not satisfied after 12 weeks of learning, you get your money back.
EF English Live
Certified EF Teacher
EF English Live
Certified EF Teacher

The world's number 1 English course, developed for more than 57 years

Private lessons

The best way to learn a language is to speak, speak, speak. That's why you will get 40 minutes of personalized lessons with an accredited teacher, available 24/7.

Group lessons

We know that small conversation groups can significantly increase your vocabulary. Our group lessons are specifically designed to help you improve your English faster and acquire confidence in the language.

Study at your pace

Even those who have already acquired a more advanced level of English do not know all the rules of the language. That's why we give you unlimited access to immersive lessons, videos and interactive tools to refine your knowledge.

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Why EF English Live?

Giovane ragazzo che ascolta la lezione di inglese con le sue cuffie
Authentic teachers. Authentic people. Real progress.

What could be better than an expert fluent English teacher who is totally dedicated to your success?

From start to finish you will be supported at every stage of your learning by a team of teachers who know your goals, your progress and your upcoming milestones

Giovane ragazzo che ascolta la lezione di inglese con le sue cuffie
A tested method, perfected since 1965

Those who speak Italian often have difficulties with the sound "ch" in English, for example. We know exactly how to help you pronounce "chip" instead of "kip" with consolidated techniques and tools. If you are looking for experience and competence, you have arrived in the right place.


average teacher rating

20 million

students so far

57 years

of language teaching experience

We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we know our method works

Learning English isn’t easy, but it can be life-changing. That’s why we’re proud to have developed the fastest, most effective, and innovative way to learn English online. Our scientific teaching methodology works, just ask one of the 20 million people who have successfully learned English with us. Are you next?

Learn with our satisfaction guarantee

Your English progress is what matters the most to us.

Complete at least one teacher-led class (private or group) and one self-study module every week. If you’re not satisfied with your learning experience after your first 12 weeks, you can cancel within one month and get your money back. It’s as simple as that. We call it ‘The Satisfaction Guarantee’ and we’re the only online English school to offer it.

Make progress faster with EF English Live

EF English Live is rated as Excellent from over 5,000 reviews.

The best way to learn English online

"EF English Live was the best way to take my English skills to the next level with the possibility to speak to competent teachers at any time, from anywhere. The private lessons helped me improve my skills and made me feel more confident when speaking in English."

Christina Austria
A powerful tool to progress in English

“I've been experiencing EF English Live for 3 months and I was able to measure my progress, with real help from worldwide teachers. This is really what I was looking for: people from everywhere, with very different accents and cultures to improve my listening skills.”

Amélie France
Now I speak English better

“My experience with English Live has been amazing, thanks to the classes with native teachers and being able to interact with people from all over. My pronunciation has changed for the better, and I've stopped being afraid to communicate.”

Miguel Colombia
I loved my online English course

"Learning English online with EF English Live is really useful and makes learning the language easy, especially with the wonderful app. I made huge progress because the lessons are interesting and I could practice with native speaking teachers 24/7."

Noha Saudi Arabia
I really enjoyed my online English course

"I recommend EF English Live because the methods and tools offered are varied and comprehensive. The teachers are excellent, I really enjoyed learning English online with such a great school."

Jeff France
My English is better thanks to EF English Live

"Before I signed up for the online course I didn't understand English very well, especially during conversations. But I needed to learn English fast and thanks to EF English Live I feel like I've made a lot of progress. I speak and understand English much better than before. 100% recommended."

Jorge Chile

Just in case you missed anything.

Here a few frequently asked questions about our online English courses.

The best online English courses online are the ones allowing you to make real and lasting progress. They help you reach your personal goals and get the most out of the time and money you invest to learn English. A serious online English course has great teachers with a personal approach who make you develop and appreciate the language.

The online English courses we provide at EF English Live have it all: they are flexible, effective, and deliver real and lasting progress. You can participate in the online English lessons whenever you want, private or in groups, with native speaking English teachers available 24 hours a day and during your course you can connect with students from all over the world.

But don't just take our word for it! EF English Live is rated Excellent on Truspilot with a 4.4 out of 5.0 average rating received from our customers, based on 5,018 reviews as of March 2021.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, because we know our method works. Complete at least one teacher-led class (private or group) and one self-study module every week. If you’re not satisfied with your learning experience after your first 12 weeks, you can cancel within one month and get your money back. We’re the only online English school to offer this, because your progress is what matters the most to us.

Absolutely, in fact with private teachers it's far more effective. With traditional English classes, you risk not getting enough time with the teacher, who has limited resources and many students to attend to. Our online English school removes these limitations: by offering you real-time teaching and instant feedback.

As global educators we always have friendly and professional teachers ready to help you. And because you can study English online whenever you want, 24/7, you'll find it's easier to learn even more. Our tools for individual study, group lessons and ad-hoc individual lessons will help you take your English to the next level.

Our online English courses are made to be accessible to everyone. All you need is a computer with a web-browser, or a smartphone with the EF English Live app, internet access, headphones (with microphone for speaking exercises) and a little commitment. We'll take care of the rest and help you configure everything when you sign up.

The frequency of exercises and lessons depends on you as a student, how much time you have and are willing to spend, and on which course you choose. EF English Live's patented method guarantees you to level up in just 12 weeks, but many students are able to make progress even faster.

We offer personalized courses for each student that include group and private lessons with our Pro Teachers as well as thousands of hours of online practice. You can choose between different types of English courses where our Pro Teachers will customize the study program to suit your needs, your timing and your pace. Find out more about how our school works.

If your goal is to successfully pass the TOEFL or TOEIC test, study English for a trip, or speak business English confidently, then common English phrases are often not enough. That's why we have developed tailored courseware that gives you specific language skills in a hands-on way. In these specialized online English courses, with the support of our expert teachers, you will acquire exactly the knowledge you need.

When you sign up to study English online with EF English Live, your will have access to the following specialized courses:

Our academic team has developed our online teaching method based on learnings from our 58 years of teaching English (27 of them have been online). By combining personalised learning plans, content based on relevant real-life scenarios, adaptive teaching, deep learning (a combination of activities that are scientifically proven to engage your whole brain) and listening to feedback from our learners – we’ve created a method we are confident will teach you English. Want to know more? Check out ‘Why Our Method Works’.