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Speak English as well as you do your job

Practice writing persuasive emails, roleplaying scenarios, and find your voice in English. In our Business English Course you will for example, learn how to network, interview for a job, give feedback, and run meetings. No matter whether you are in an entry-level role or have years of executive experience, this course will help you excel in your career.  

Choose topics based on your career and rebook classes with the same teacher for faster progress.

Speak, listen, and find your voice in English. Led by one of our expert Efekta Teachers™, join live classes with learners like yourself from all over the world.

These units help you build a strong English foundation, essential for both business and everyday life.

This material focuses on business terminology and professional communication.

Become an expert speaking about your industry in English. Master idioms and niche vocabulary and learn how to do your job just as well in English (if not better).

You will have regular assessments to monitor your progress. This allows for you and your teacher to adjust and optimize your learning experience.

The Business English Course designed around your schedule

We know your time is precious. With teachers in every time zone, you can book private classes at any time of the day. Our group classes start every 30 minutes, and our self-study exercises are available 24/7, on any device. So that you can study on the bus, on your lunch break, or simply from the comfort of your home. 

An online classroom that feels like real life

We understand that staying motivated when learning English online can be challenging. That is why we created Efekta Hyperclass™. Developed by academics, technology and video gaming experts, Hyperclass uses a conversation-based and interactive virtual learning environment to put you in real-life scenarios that will help you stay focused and learn faster.

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Combine group classes, private classes, and self-study exercises as you wish.

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    Your satisfaction is guaranteed

    Complete at least one teacher-led class and one self-study unit every week. If you are not satisfied after your first 12 weeks, you get your money back. 

    Just in case you missed something...

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our online Business English Course. 

    Business English is specific knowledge required for working professionals at national and foreign companies. It includes technical terms that are not commonly used in everyday situations. For this reason, learners who want an international career often choose to take an online Business English Course. Mastering Business English is essential if you want to improve your language skills in an office environment and have the confidence to communicate in English in the international business world.

    Business English is one of the courses that our school offers. The course is made up of 45 modules of different themes, all geared towards the job market and everyday business situations, such as Presentations in English, Project Management, Social Practices, Human Resources, and much more. Each module has dozens of hours of exclusive, interactive lessons, so you can practice what you have learned as often as you like. There are also private classes tailored to your needs and group classes every 30 minutes to practice live conversation with learners from all over the world. You will receive a certificate at the end of every module you complete. 

    The price of an online Business English course at EF English Live varies according to the plan you choose and the time you have available to study. All our learning plans include thousands of hours of practical lessons, as well as online English classes with expert teachers specialized in Business English. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team! 

    To choose the best Business English course you need to know your personal learning requirements and career goals. Among the important elements to consider are:

    • The school's teaching method 

    • Class times 

    • Self-study materials available to learners 

    • Whether learners receive a certificate at the end of the course

     Our Business English course provides a certificate of completion at the end of each module. Our school's online English courses are guided by our award-winning Efekta Method™, which has been perfected for 59 years. And because our certified Efekta Teachers™ are available 24 hours a day, you decide when and where you want to learn. Our certified teachers will listen carefully to your goals and help you set up a learning plan tailored to you, so you can learn to speak English in a work environment with confidence. 

     So, if you want an international career and need to improve your English skills to a professional level, our Business English course helps show your expertise no matter your native language. 

    Of course. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. With these two simple things you can join our Business English Course and get access to thousands of hours of interactive lessons, study materials and live teachers to learn to speak English with confidence in a corporate environment.