How Learning English Is Helping Mariam Fulfil Her Dreams in the Fashion World

For Mariam, English is crucial to her dream in succeeding in the fashion world. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mariam’s dream has always been to become an international fashion designer. She set up her own small start-up a few years ago and began expanding her market by networking with famous international designers on social media to keep up with all the latest fashion news. Mariam realised that her English was holding her back in her career. She understood the importance of the English language as a way for her to keep up with all the latest trends. A relative recommended studying online with EF English Live. After doing some research Mariam registered for our online classes, this was in 2017. After two years, she is now one of our most successful students and has already reached an advanced level. We called Mariam to chat about her English-learning journey and how she’s combining it with her passion in life: Fashion.

What was your main motivation for learning English online?

My dream is to become an international fashion designer. I have already set up my own small fashion start-up in Saudi Arabia and have begun expanding my business by following famous international designers’ social media accounts and websites to find out all the latest fashion news. I could have joined an English course in my city, but this didn’t feel like the right option for me. The important thing for me was to learn English with native English teachers. I really like the fact that all my teachers are highly qualified, and their style of teaching is effective and fun, it gives me the confidence to learn English. I enjoy studying with my English Live teachers and I have made friends from all over the world. It’s like a real adventure!

How has your English improved in the last two years?

I feel like my English has improved a lot, I’m now at an advanced level – when I joined EF my English was only very basic. Also, my listening skills have developed significantly; I can now understand anyone who speaks to me in English which is a great feeling. Studying online with English Live has made a huge difference to my English abilities, self-confidence, and my ability to formulate fluent replies to questions in English – depending on the subject, of course.

What do you like most about our group classes and private classes?

In my private class I have a teacher called Tia and we have developed a great friendship. Her teaching methods are wonderful: she teaches and corrects me in a really fun way, and I am so happy to learn with her.

In my group classes my classmates and teachers regularly change (I regularly meet new classmates and teachers in my group classes), but I like this sense of adventure! It’s exciting because I get to meet a diverse range of people. We study interesting and fun topics in class, and everyone is very active in the classroom. We do also take a more serious approach and focus on vocabulary and important grammar rules.

I really like this mix of fun and serious lessons! For me, each class is an opportunity to make new friends and learn from a new teacher. I find both my private lessons and group classes exciting!

Have your friends and family noticed that your English is getting better?

Yes, definitely! They always tell me that they are so impressed with my progress and confidence, they encourage me to learn more and are very supportive. One of the main reasons I chose to learn English is my mum! She wanted to study English at university and be a professional translator for movies and TV programmes, but sadly she didn’t get a chance to live out this dream. So, I feel that she is living her dream through me, and this is a great feeling!

Why does learning English online work for you?

For me studying online was not only easier but also more time effective and useful. Studying online in my first group class from the comfort of my desk with EF English Live, I felt like a whole new world had opened before me on my computer. I was able to practice and learn English without any limits! I get the opportunity to find out about other cultures and I’m starting to be able to differentiate between different English accents and dialects, like whether someone is American, British or Australian!

Any final inspiring words for our students?

I would encourage all English language students to do their best even if they are studying in a less-than-ideal environment; they should focus on their goal to learn as much English as possible. People are quick to criticise, so you must show how determined you are to achieve your goals and enhance your self-confidence. I enjoy meeting new teachers and students from all over the world. Overall it has been a wonderful educational adventure for me.

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