Here you can learn with a certified online English course

In addition to accessing the best methodology method and the best teachers in the industry, at EF English Live you are also awarded an international certificate for each level completed. IAnd it can even be shared on LinkedIn! So you can prove your proficiency in English quickly and easily.

Your English with international certification

Receive a free international certificate for each level of English you successfully complete. After finishing each of our 16 levels, you'll take an exam to test your knowledge. If you pass, just log into your account and a new certificate will be available for you.

In addition to our certificates, by learning English with us you will also be prepared to apply for other international certificates, which can be useful for studying or getting a job abroad.

Check out our 16 English levels and see how they will prepare you for other certifications.

For those with limited or no knowledge of the language.

CEFR level: A1

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: N/A

Cambridge ESOL BEC: N/A



TOEIC® Listening & Reading: 120 - 220

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: 40 - 70

You can understand short texts and use everyday phrases to communicate.

CEFR level: A2

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: KET

Cambridge ESOL BEC: N/A

IELTS®: <3


TOEIC® Listening & Reading: 225 - 545

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: 80 - 110

At this level you're able to talk a bit about yourself and describe your family.

CEFR level: B1

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: PET

Cambridge ESOL BEC: Preliminary

IELTS®: 4 - 5

TOEFL® iBT: 57 - 86

TOEIC® Listening & Reading: 550 - 780

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: 120 - 140

Not only can you understand informal conversations, but you can also talk about your interests and routines.

CEFR level: B2 

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: FCE 

Cambridge ESOL BEC: Vantage 

IELTS®: 5 - 6 

TOEFL® iBT: 87 - 109 

TOEIC® Listening & Reading: 785 - 940 

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: 150 - 190 

You can understand more complex written texts and speak English with your co-workers. 

CEFR level: C1 

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: CAE 

Cambridge ESOL BEC: Higher 

IELTS®: 6 - 7 

TOEFL® iBT: 110 - 120 

TOEIC® Listening & Reading: 945 

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: 200 

Now you can understand and write long texts and communicate almost as if you were a native speaker. 

CEFR level: C2 

Main Cambridge ESOL tests: CP 

Cambridge ESOL BEC: N/A 

IELTS®: >7 


TOEIC® Listening & Reading: N/A 

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing: N/A 

Find out more about each of our English levels!

You've just started your English journey. You may already have some previous contact with the language and understand a word or two, but still don't understand the context of a sentence. But rest assured that our bilingual teachers will help you take the first step towards fluency.

Length: 220 hours. 

OK, you can already understand a few sentences and can even manage to say a few things about yourself and your routine. But is talking about the past or the future still a mystery? No problem. We've got +2,000 hours of interactive classes that will teach you everything you need to know about grammar and vocabulary to get ahead in your studies.

Length: 500 hours. 

Now you're almost at the end of the line! You already understand most of the grammar rules, can read more complex texts and understand your favorite movies without subtitles with some confidence. But you still need to refine one grammatical principle or another and brush up on your vocabulary. And that's why our teachers are here, to set up private classes tailored to your needs!

Length: 200 hours. 

You've made it! You have a good knowledge of the rules and understand both written and spoken English well. But you still have a bit of fear when it comes to speaking and you need to work on your confidence, right? You can count on our group classes! They take place every 30 minutes and you can practise with learners at the same level as you.

Length: 200 hours. 

Access to a complete school

Accelerate your learning with private and group classes!

There's nothing better than putting your English into practise, is there? And with us you can do that with live private and group classes, taught by certified teachers who are trained to help you gain confidence in speaking.

Count on the support of our teachers

Get a personalized learning experience. Our teachers have mastered our Efekta Method™ and the art of teaching English online. They are available 24/7 in live classes that will help you achieve your goals, celebrating your success with you!

Practice vocabulary and grammar wherever and whenever you want

Do you have a few minutes on the bus to work or time left after lunch? You can take advantage of this time off to practise your language skills with our interactive classes. There are thousands of hours of audio and video exercises for you to improve your learning.

The magic is in our Efekta Method™

We've been teaching English to people all over the world since 1965 and have been online for over 20 years. We have a proven approach and method, developed and perfected over the decades, that brings magic to learning.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our certified online English course.

We have 16 levels, 128 units, and more than +2,000 hours of interactive classes in our certified online English course to help you speak real English. We're an international school, but here you'll find instructions in your own language, to help those who aren't yet familiar. In each new unit, you'll be introduced to new grammar and vocabulary in a real-life context, so you can understand how the language works. You'll also have fun activities to put what you've learned into practise, including pronunciation and writing exercises.

Before you start your online English course, you'll be invited to take our English test. It will accurately measure your level of proficiency so that our Artificial Intelligence can recommend which of the 16 levels you should start at. You can also choose a different level or module of our course at any time. Every time you complete a new level, you can apply to receive an international certificate, which will prove your English proficiency.

To ensure that your results are recognised globally, we align each stage of our course with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • Levels 1 to 3 are for beginners (CEFR A1)

  • 4 to 6 are for basic learners (CEFR A2)

  • 7 to 9 are for intermediate learners (CEFR B1)

  • 10 to 12 for independent learners (CEFR B2)

  • 13 to 15 are for those with effective proficiency (CEFR C1)

  • Level 16 is for fully proficient learners (CEFR C2).

There is no specific answer to this, as each  person learns at their own pace. To give you an idea, you should expect each unit to take a minimum of three to four hours to complete. Each level contains six units, so you'll probably need 18 to 24 hours to complete a level and get your English certificate. Our school is designed to fit around your life, so you can progress whenever you have time to study and get the results you want.

Every time you complete one of the 16 levels of our certified online English course, you'll receive a diploma certified by EF English Live to prove your achievement. Also, if you complete our Business English course, or any other specific course at our school, you will also receive a certificate. All this is saved in your account for you to access whenever you need it (and can be shared on LinkedIn).

The best English certification depends on your goals. If you want to apply to the university of your dreams, we advise you to check which English certifications are accepted by the university; it will probably be TOEFL and IELTS, but they're not the only ones. If it's for you to apply for a job abroad, the TOEIC may be more suitable for you.

Now, if you need a certification to prove your knowledge, you'll have access to these certificates every time you complete a level of our certified online English course.  And we take certification seriously. In addition to live classes with native-speaking teachers, our innovative Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) software will assess your pronunciation, just like a real tutor. You'll receive feedback after each unit to make sure you're confident enough in your skills before moving on to the next phase. After completing six units of your current level, you will receive a certificate and can progress to the next level by further improving your language skills.

In today's academic and work environment, claiming to have a good knowledge of the English language is not enough. A certificate demonstrating your English skills will make you stand out from the crowd. EF English Live's certified online English courses are also aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so organisations and companies can immediately understand your level of English simply by looking at the certification you have obtained with us.