Immersive online English classes like you've never seen before!

Looking for English classes that fit into your routine and suit your needs? You'll find them at EF English Live!

Why choose online English classes?

Study without leaving your home (or office)

No more wasting time in traffic or spending money on gas and parking tickets. An online experience allows you to take English lessons from literally anywhere, including your sofa at home or in your company’s meeting room. This way you don't have to waste time and energy commuting and can devote yourself 100% to studying the language.

Learn with people from all over the world

With our online English school, you can have an international experience without having to leave your country. We have students from all over the world and you can put your English into practice with conversation classes led by a native-speaker Efekta Teacher™ and with people at the same level as you. As well as getting to know other cultures, you can also practice your listening skills with different accents.

Our platform combines private and group lessons to help you achieve fluency!

One-to-one lessons with personalized topics and feedback

It's up to you to choose from a range of suggested topics according to your level, or even an exclusive lesson to practice vocabulary and grammar before your job interview. You'll also receive personalized feedback so you can continue to improve.

Polish your English skills in group classes with real conversations

The best way to learn English is to experience the language in real-life scenarios! That's why our learners have access to group conversation classes every day, with classes starting every 30 minutes. They are real people with real subjects, so you can lose your fear and speak with confidence.

Rely on the guidance of Efekta Teachers™ to get there

It's more than just speaking English, you need to know how to teach. And our Efekta Teachers™ do. They all have a university degree and TELF certification. In addition, they are all trained to teach our Efekta Method™ and have mastered the best techniques for teaching English in a virtual environment.

Complete your learning with interactive lessons

It doesn't matter if you're just starting, have intermediate English, or are already at an advanced level: there are always new words and expressions to learn. And that's where our lessons with interactive content and exercises come in. All students have unlimited access to all 16 levels in our platform, with audio and video content to practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in a fun and effective way.

Learn about our Efekta Method™

Did you know that more than 20 million students have attended our school? As part of the EF group, we have a proven method that has taught people to speak English since 1965. This means that we have over 50 years of experience and we know that our Efekta Method™ works and is all you need to achieve fluency in English.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our online English classes. 

Choosing a course with online English classes has several advantages, which you should consider when looking for which type of classes you want to take. Some of the key benefits of online courses are:

  1. Financial savings - Not only are online English classes cheaper, but you also save on transportation, gasoline, and parking, since you can study without leaving your home.

  2. Greater flexibility - You dictate how many hours you have per week and at what times you study.

  3. Reduced time wasting - No more wasting time in traffic and on public transportation to take English lessons.

  4. Possibility of customizing your course - You choose how many lessons you want to add to your plan.

  5. Low environmental impact - Less production of paper and polluting gases with transportation and printing of teaching materials, since it's all online.

With our school, you will leave behind all the limitations imposed by traditional schools. Here we offer online English classes with real-time teaching and immediate feedback, as well as 45 minutes of conversation classes every day. Our Efekta Hyperclass™ with its interactive lessons, one-to-one and group classes will help you take your English to the next level.

Our Efekta Teachers™ are native English speakers and certified to teach in a friendly and engaging way. And there’s more: they are always ready to help you, available 24/7. Which means that there's always a live teacher waiting for you. So, you can study online at any time of day and from anywhere, including from the comfort of your home!

Our courses are all live! Group classes start every 30 minutes and you can join in whenever you want, as we'll have Efekta Teachers™ and learners for you to practice the language with. And your private lessons are always personalized according to your learning and fluency needs, with a teacher to help you achieve your goals.

The price of the course depends on the plan you chose. Here at EF English Live, the courses are personalized, taking into account the student's familiarity with the English language and the time available for studying. Contact our team and we'll  put together the ideal plan for you.

That's the best bit: there's no extra cost for teaching materials! To study with us, you'll need access to our course, a computer or cell phone connected to the internet, and a headset with a microphone. Our platform is complete and everything you need to learn English will be available from the first day of class, already included in the price of your chosen plan.

We know that just because someone can speak English doesn't mean they can teach it to non-native speakers. That's why we have a careful process for selecting who can teach our students in our online English classes. We have both native and non-native Efekta Teachers™ who all have certifications and training making them experts in our Efekta Method™ and also to know the best practices for teaching English online.

Yes, it doesn't matter if you're just starting, if you're at an intermediate level, or if you already have a certain familiarity and need to practice conversation. In our course, when you choose to take a private lesson, you will have an exclusive moment with your chosen Efekta Teacher™, so that together you can work on the topic that best suits your needs. We also have over +2,000 hours of lessons with interactive exercises that you can do at your own pace and in your own time, without depending on anyone else.

As a way of complementing your learning, we recommend that you also attend group classes, led by an Efekta Teacher™ , where you will have contact with students from all over the world without leaving your home, to practice your speaking.

Yes. Here you learn real English and, on successfully completing each of the 16 levels of our course, which cover content from beginner to advanced, you receive an English certificate that proves your knowledge, which you can even share on LinkedIn. And, at the end of each online English lesson with our Efekta Teachers™ you receive full feedback on what you have mastered and what you still need to work on, with tips on how to get there!