Intensive Online English Course

An intensive online English course is the best way to learn English quickly. When you sign up with EF English Live, you are selecting the fastest method available for learning English worldwide. Take on the challenge and embark on a unique and interactive language learning  experience today.

What is an intensive online English course?

An intensive online English course is the most efficient method for online language learning and a great way to quickly reach your English language goals.

An intensive course involves dedicating a significant number of hours each week to language practice.

By fully immersing yourself in the experience, you can quickly improve your English listening and speaking skills. This rapid adjustment will enable you to advance to the next level of proficiency in just a matter of weeks.

The benefits of an online intensive course

An intensive online English course offers several advantages over a traditional in-person course, some of the most significant being:

Greater convenience and flexibility

Faster learning

Customized pathways

Reduced environmental impact

Reach your goals quickly

Whether your goal is to hone your English skills in anticipation of an overseas trip, a certification requirement, or for professional purposes, an intensive online English course is the ideal choice.

With EF English Live, you can tailor your course entirely to your needs. You get to decide the class frequency, mode, and level, and we'll take care of the rest.

If you have a specific language objective and want to attain it as swiftly as possible, you've found the perfect solution. Our Efekta Teachers™ will lead you along a rapid and efficient learning journey.

Why choose EF English Live?

EF English Live is the world's largest online English school. Since 1996, we have helped more than 20 million people improve their English.

Course structure

Conversation classes

Practice speaking in English with one of our native speakers in personalized conversation classes,  whenever and wherever works best for you.

Group classes

Engage in small group conversations with other learners on your level. Improve your listening skills and vocabulary under the guidance of one of our accredited teachers.

Interactive exercises

Access +2,000 hours of exercises, games, quizzes, and interactive content designed for learners at your level. Learn English while having fun.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our online intensive English courses:

The best online intensive English courses are those that empower learners to tailor their own language learning journey. Recognizing that everyone has unique needs and objectives, these courses allow learners to determine the frequency, mode, and level of their study.

This is precisely how EF English Live operates. By giving learners the freedom to express their preferences, we create a highly personalized curriculum, ensuring that each individual possesses the tools necessary to achieve their language learning goals. You can request a quote by clicking here.

EF English Live's intensive online English course is designed for anyone looking to learn or enhance their English language skills. In fact, there is no minimum level required to start our courses.

Whether you have basic or advanced proficiency, whether you are a young learner or an adult, our accredited  are here to assist you, helping you elevate your language skills in the shortest possible timeframe!

The cost of our online English courses will be tailored to you and your unique learning goals, but can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of course chosen

  • Class frequency

  • Chosen teaching method (private classes or group classes )

For more detailed information on the costs and programs offered by EF English Live, click here.

Online intensive English courses are gaining popularity because they have proven to be some of the most practical and effective language courses available today. The immersive approach offered by this type of course is synonymous with rapid and high-quality results.

Explore our online English courses and start your language learning journey right away with EF English Live.

Unfortunately, there are no secret shortcuts: the only way to learn English quickly is to speak, speak, and speak. An intensive English course that provides you with the opportunity for online English conversation lessons is what you need.

Other tips like reading books, watching movies, and listening to podcasts in English are valuable. However, without the assistance of a native-speaking teacher, your English learning journey will likely be more challenging and time-consuming.

If you want to learn English in a month, discover how EF English Live can assist you. Click here for more information.