5 Practical Tools for Better Business English

When our online teachers and study advisors speak to new EF English Live students about their goals and ambitions, many of them are career-focused and looking to boost their employability with better English. It’s no secret that English fluency is in high demand across global industries and for many high-earning jobs.

To help meet the needs of ambitious professionals, the academic team at EF English Live has developed a range of useful tools, features and lessons to teach the practical business English skills our students need for career success.

Here are 5 of the most popular Business English tools and features that you can access online as an EF English Live student.

  1. Business Communication Course: Social Skills

EF English Live students with an English level of 6 or above will have access to a range of practical online courses teaching professional communication skills. One particularly useful course is Social Skills, which offers tips, vocabulary and key phrases for everything from networking events to making workplace small talk. These practical skills aren’t often taught in your standard English textbook!

Other useful Business English courses include: Management, Meetings, Presentations and Correspondence. Each course offers roughly 10 hours of online practice, ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered and gain the key English skills needed for a global job.

  1. Teacher-led Conversation Classes

Regardless of your learning motivations, live classes with our highly-qualified online English teachers are invaluable to your progress. However, they are particularly practical for people learning English for business.

Group Conversation Classes provide an excellent opportunity to become more comfortable with the range of accents that you are likely to encounter in an English-speaking workplace. Private Classes offer further practice one to one with an expert teacher, allowing you to brush up on your interviewing skills or practice delivering a presentation in English.

  1. Industry-Specific English Courses

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, EF English Live students also benefit from access to a range of “short courses” for different industries. New courses are sometimes added to cater for the growing need for specialised English language skills.

Today, we offer English courses for: Finance and Banking, Construction, Hospitality, Science, Medicine, Law, Logistics and many more.

  1. TOEIC Preparation

The Test of English for International Communication, commonly known as the TOEIC, is a standardised language test designed to measure the everyday English fluency of employees in international workplaces. Because a high TOEIC score can be a requirement for workers in some countries and industries, EF English Live offers personalised and targeted test preparation online. As a student, you’ll have access to hundreds of practice test questions along with full-length simulated exams to help you prepare for your TOEIC exam.

  1. LinkedIn Certification

With the networking opportunities now available online, it’s particularly relevant that EF English Live makes it simple to add your CEFR-aligned English certification to your LinkedIn profile in just a few clicks.

In addition to highlighting your English level and progress on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll also receive a diploma certified by globally-recognised Hult International Business School for each EF English Live level you pass. This certification makes it easy to demonstrate your valuable skills to employers worldwide.

Ready to get serious about improving your Business English online? Request a free, personalised course consultation today and find out more about how EF English Live can take your professional English to the next level.