Study on the go with the EF English Live App.

Study with our award winning school 24/7, wherever you are.

As an EF English Live student you will have unlimited access to our learning app so you can study English anytime, anywhere.
English Live app wherever
English Live app wherever

Live classes and learning activities, all in one core app.

The EF English Live App is our teaching tool that makes it easier than ever to learn English quickly. With 24/7 access to private and group lessons with native teachers, you'll have expert guidance and personalized feedback.

Plus you can study at your own pace with our multimedia platform and 2,000 hours of teaching material available anytime, anywhere.

English Live app one core app
English Live app one core app

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Just in case you missed anything.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our app.

The courses in the EF English Live app are structured similarly to the school’s desktop version. This is to ensure that you can always pick up where you left off the last time you were studying English online with us.

On the home page you can see your current unit and all the different lessons available. Each lesson has different types of exercises and we recommend that you complete each lesson before moving on to the next.

Your course is synchronized with the school's desktop version so you can study where it suits you best. You can also download the content of your current unit, so that you can study even when you have no internet connection.

At EF English Live we know that the key to learning English online is consistency. We also know that it is not always easy to study when you have a lot of commitments. That is why we've created an app with a school that's optimized for use on mobile devices, so you can continue learning wherever you are. Our mobile app is synchronized with the desktop version of the online English school, so you never lose any progress you’ve made. Follow the two links below to download the EF English live app and start studying on the go.

EF English Live App for iPhone

EF English Live App for Android

Once you have downloaded the EF English Live app, open it and login using your username and password, it’s as simple as that! If you experience difficulties logging in, reset your desktop password.

Don't forget that group lessons start every 30 minutes, and you can always join them on your own time. Private lessons, on the other hand, must be booked through the website or the EF English Live app at least 24 hours in advance. When your lesson is about to start, just log into the EF English Live app and start learning English online!