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Learn English, and you can speak to the world
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Now You Can Learn the English Needed to Travel Stress-Free

  • Speaking, reading, and understanding good English will help you on your travels, in tourist hot spots, hotels, and airports. English is spoken the world over; be confident wherever you go.


Don't be Lost for Words When You Travel

  • English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. Learning the language with EF English Live means you'll never be lost for words when traveling around the globe. Communicating well is essential for a stress-free trip.


    The travel English course raises your skills so you'll be confident carrying out regular travel tasks like booking travel and accommodation, confirming reservations speaking in restaurants.

What the Course Involves

Learn the Essentials of Travel English

We've created high-quality training videos for you to learn useful vocabulary and grammar used in the correct context. Cleverly, our videos pause intermittently to test your comprehension. And, of course, you can replay them as often as you like.


Download our extensive list of travel words, then practice them at your leisure.


Further, use our expert voice recognition software to take part in our interactive exercises. You get instant feedback to encourage fast and effective progress.

Travel English Success, as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Absorb: Pick up new travel vocabulary, travel-related phrases, and grammar with our videos, audio, and articles.
  2. Practice: Use our self-study tools to test out your new-found English knowledge. Instant feedback encourages you further.
  3. Try out: Join our live online English classes, managed by native English or fluent bilingual English teachers. Work with a small group of similar students around the world.

Benefit from expert teaching and support 

Some of the world's most prestigious companies trust us to teach their staff English skills. Our personal and tailored online English classes work well for them, and they can help you, too.


EF English Live is an award-winning service combining thousands of expert English teachers, round-the-clock 1-1 and group classes, and hundreds of hours of self-study tools and tests.Learn at your own pace, join small group lessons to converse in English with students at the same ability level as you.


There are 16 levels of general English to attain, together with business and industry-specific courses, should you need to build your English confidence and skills ahead of a new career challenge.

Receive 24 free private classes