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Prepare for the TOEIC quickly and effectively with EF English Live's intensive online test preparation.


    Through targeted test training, timed practice tests and the dedicated support of our expert online teachers, you’ll master the English listening, reading, speaking and writing skills you need to achieve a high TOEIC score and advance your global career.


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How to prepare for the TOEIC test

  • The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is a globally-recognised English language test, designed to measure the key communication skills needed for success in an international workplace. If you’re looking to get ahead in a competitive global industry, a high TOEIC score will prove your English skills to employers around the world.


    EF English Live has developed a comprehensive online TOEIC preparation course to help ambitious professionals like you excel on the test and thrive in any English-speaking workplace. Whether you’re preparing for the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test, the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test or the TOEIC Bridge Test, we offer the online tools and support you need to improve your fluency—fast.

Your TOEIC preparation course includes:

Targeted TOEIC pre-test

Your exam preparation starts with a two-hour TOEIC pre-test, made up of 200 multiple-choice questions. Like the real TOEIC test, these questions are designed to test your listening and reading comprehension, using the everyday English you’ll need in your workplace.


When you’ve finished the pre-test, you’ll receive a score report showing your estimated TOEIC score and allowing you to review the correct answer to each test question in detail.

28 personalised training lessons

Based on the results of your pre-test, we’ll create a fully-personalised TOEIC preparation course, made up of 28 intensive lessons on listening, reading and grammar. These lessons are structured to target your weakest area of English first.


Each lesson should take one hour to complete and includes 50 sample TOEIC test questions. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the test format and gain practice under real exam conditions.

Post-test assessment

Once you’ve completed your trainer lessons, you'll take a TOEIC post-test assessment to see how far you’ve come and identify where you should continue to focus your studies.


These results can give you a target score to aim for on exam day.

Full-length TOEIC practice tests

To help you become comfortable with the TOEIC test format, you’ll have access to three sample TOEIC Listening and Reading tests, as well as three TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests, providing hours of practical exam preparation.


These timed practice tests reflect the length and structure of each TOEIC exam, giving you the most useful pre-test experience possible. For each practice test you complete, you'll receive a detailed score report, allowing you to review your results in detail and pick up useful tips for boosting your score.

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