Serious online English courses

Finding an online English course today is not difficult. The real challenge lies in locating a reputable one. A serious online English course should ensure rapid learning through effective methods and established programs.

What makes our online English course serious?

The quality of our product

Our well-established Efekta Method™ has continuously improved since 1965.

We only select the best certified native speakers to be our Efekta Teachers™.

Our learners have access to cutting-edge technology, which enables them to partake in live online courses, accessible seven days a week, round the clock.

We work around your goals

If you want to seriously learn a language, one of the most effective first steps is to establish a clear goal. Whether your intention is to travel, utilize English in your professional life, or prepare for a certification, EF English Live provides courses tailored to your specific objectives.

Here are our top five online English courses.

Business English

Business English is the course specifically designed for individuals seeking to learn English for professional purposes.

You will acquire the skills to communicate verbally and in writing in everyday work-related scenarios, such as conducting interviews, making service enquiries, welcoming guests, or participating in events.

During an initial interview with our Efekta Teachers™, you will have the opportunity to describe your specific needs, enabling us to tailor your learning accordingly.

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Learn a new language

If you're eager to learn a new language or enhance your English proficiency, the General English course is the ideal choice for you.

This online English course equips you with the skills to engage in written and spoken conversations across various common everyday scenarios. It starts with fundamental topics like discussing product information and interacting with others.

Whether the conversation revolves around music, weather, or a specific event, this course will give you the vocabulary you need to converse and write about these topics. Additionally, you'll soon be capable of narrating stories or making enquiries about subjects such as reservations or house rentals.

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Travel English

If your objective is travel, the Travel English course is the perfect choice.

This course is specifically designed to assist you in engaging in conversationss pertaining to all aspects of travel, including navigating, checking in for a flight or hotel, and even describing neighbourhoods or accommodation. It will enable you to provide and ask for directions, navigate an unfamiliar city, and converse with new acquaintances.

From the most basic to the most intricate situations, this course equips you to  express yourself to the best of your ability while traveling.

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Get the TOEFL certification

At times, learners seek a serious online English course because they need to prepare for an examination or acquire a certification. This is precisely why the TOEFL Preparation Course was created, with the aim of achieving an outstanding score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Many English-speaking universities worldwide require certification of excellent English proficiency, making TOEFL one of the most widely recognized tests globally. By achieving a high score on this examination, you become eligible to apply for admission to some of the world's most prestigious colleges and universities.

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Get the TOEIC certification

The TOEIC Preparation Course (Test of English for International Communication) is designed to equip students for job interviews and selection processes globally. This certification attests to English proficiency for non-native speakers.

The teaching methodology involves simulating the actual final test, allowing you to cultivate essential skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

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