Medical English course

Are you fluent in English, but need a little extra help to understand reports, studies, and other scientific documents related to the medical field? Our course for doctors is the solution you've been looking for!

Why is it important for doctors to master English?

Working in this field requires you to have contact with studies and work carried out in different parts of the world. And guess which language the main congresses, studies, and clinical trials are conducted in?

That's right, in English! That's why anyone who wants to enter the medical field needs to master not only everyday language but also technical terminology.

Do you need to move from informal to professional English?

Our medical English course offers comprehensive content that will guide you through the field's vocabulary with practical activities on diseases, symptoms, diagnoses, and the language needed to talk to patients in hospitals and to the scientific and pharmaceutical industries.

Whether you need to learn from scratch or feel the need to deepen your knowledge even further, you also have 16 levels of General English to develop your skills.

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45 minutes of group classes every day

Join small live conversation groups and have fun talking about real everyday topics with learners at the same level as you.

Expand your vocabulary with interactive classes

Thousands of hours of audio and video lessons to help you retain grammar concepts and expand your vocabulary for constant progress.

Why choose EF English Live?

We are part of the EF Education First group and have helped more than 20 million learners learn English with our Efekta Method™, created by a team of experts committed to ensuring an exceptional teaching experience for our learners.

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We take our faculty selection very seriously! In addition to the several qualifications required for hiring, all teachers are trained in our Efekta Method™ and how to teach online effectively.

You can count on the experience of our group of certified teachers to master everyday English, professional English, technical English, and beyond.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our medical English course.

The English requirements for studying medicine can vary depending on the country and university you intend to study at.

However, most of the content that future doctors might be exposed to during medical school could be in English, since this is the primary language for the scientific community. And in those cases, it is not only important to master the language, but also to know specific vocabulary, as the articles will be full of technical terms.

There are also a number of international opportunities that can arise from fluency in English, such as working in a hospital abroad, taking part in international congresses, and much more.

But don't worry if you still don't feel comfortable reading and/or writing scientific articles, we can help! Talk to our team to find out how our online English course with an exclusive medical English module will get you there.

English is extremely important in this area for several reasons:

  • Access to medical literature: most scientific literature is in English. From research and clinical studies to publications in renowned medical journals, this is the predominant language for sharing health studies on a global scale. Doctors and scientists who can read and also contribute to the preparation of these materials have contact with a vast amount of up-to-date information and advances in specific areas.

  • Participation in research and international collaborations: English is the language that professionals from different countries use to communicate, share ideas, and participate in research projects. Having communication skills in English is essential for absorbing content and participating effectively in a global medical scenario.

  • International courses and conferences: many specialist courses, medical conferences, and important workshops are held in English. Having fluency in the language allows professionals to take part in these events and stay up to date with the latest advances in their field.

  • Working abroad: many professionals look for work opportunities in other countries, whether for a medical residency, professional exchange or to work in places voluntarily. In these cases, English is essential for communicating with colleagues and patients, fulfilling admission requirements, and adapting to the new working environment.

In conclusion, English is a vital tool for doctors and healthcare professionals who want to excel in their careers, have global medical knowledge and collaborate effectively in an increasingly interconnected world. And if you need a little boost to get your English up to speed, we're here for you!

EF English Live offers an immersive experience in this field, with a special focus on describing symptoms, clinical care in hospitals and a deeper understanding of technical vocabulary, which is mainly required in scientific articles and international congresses. In addition, the learner also has live English classes, with specific themes for the medical, hospital and scientific fields.

We recommend that learners be at least at intermediate level (B1) to take the medical English classes, because this topic (as well as the other technical modules we offer) requires a certain proficiency in the language and some communication skills, so that they can deepen their knowledge in the right way.

But if you're not quite there yet, don't worry, our General English course offers activities specially aimed at beginner levels, including bilingual teachers, so learners feel comfortable and ready to start developing their skills.