Legal English Course

Working in the legal field may require you to have communication skills aligned to international practices. That's why we've created our exclusive Legal English Course for lawyers, to help you become a global professional.

Why do I need to be specialized in Legal English?

Those who think that legal studies are limited to your native language are wrong. Companies are increasingly open to international businesses and need legal experts to draw up contracts, and petitions, recognize patents and many other operations in English. That's why it's important for your career that you invest in improving your language skills in order to carry out tasks where day-to-day vocabulary alone won't be enough.

With EF English Live, your English will go further than just "Your Honor"

Our Legal English Course immerses you in the legal world, study terminology, legal writing, and work on your communication skills for legal contexts. You'll also have access to our certified Efekta Teachers™ with personalized lessons in Efekta Hyperclass™ that turns your online classroom into a simulation of a courtroom, client meetings, and much more.

Feeling like you need to polish your English skills to get there? You can also count on our 16 general English levels and engage in formal and informal conversations with confidence.

In addition to the Legal English Course, you also have access to a complete school.

Private lessons with a personalized themes

Enjoy exclusive 40-minute lessons prepared by a certified  Efekta Teacher™, with content aligned to your needs, since you are the one that chooses the topic. Talk about your challenges and achieve your goals together!

Group conversation classes

Take part in 45-minute live sessions every day with students at the same level as you. Put the language into practice and expand your learning while chatting with people in a light and fun way about the most diverse subjects and themes.

Unlimited interactive lessons

Access thousands of hours of interactive lessons to achieve your goals. Designed with audio and video resources, our exercises will help you effectively master grammar and vocabulary, for a natural and continuous progress.

Why choose EF English Live?

We are part of the EF Education First, we have been teaching new languages to people all over the world since 1965. More than 20 million students have learnt English with our Efekta Method™, with a team of experts to ensure an excellent teaching experience for our students.

Does your career require more than one specialization in English? Count on us!

Discover the special modules for Technical English. 

Logistics, medical, financial, and sciences. There are plenty of options for you to boost your CV for the foreign markets, whether you're in the humanities, math and science or biology field. With up-to-date lessons focused on expanding your vocabulary, you have everything you need to learn how to talk about your occupation with confidence and become a complete professional for an international career.

You can also take advantage of our Business English course.

It's time to become the protagonist of your career! The Business English course has 14 exclusive modules that will teach you everything from the basics of corporate communication to writing emails, complex reports, presentations, and taking part in meetings in English. A complete program so that you no longer have to rely on translation and become the professional that the international market is looking for.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Legal English Course.

This It is a variant of the English language used by those who work in areas related to law and advocacy. It covers not only vocabulary, but also terminology, idioms and various specificities of the legal system.

This is essential knowledge for legal professionals who wish to work in an international context and require familiarity not only with the language in general but also with specific legal terms and concepts, as often just knowing the translation of a particular term is not enough. It can be found in the areas of international law, business law, contract law, commercial law, and intellectual property, among others. If you are a lawyer, you may need it in various contexts such as contracts, legal documents, negotiations, commercial transactions, drafting legal advice, judgments, and much more.

And how do you differentiate it from other versions of the language? Easy! This technical language is more precise and formal, with specific vocabulary and complex grammatical structures. It also requires an understanding of different legal systems and legal concepts specific to English-speaking countries, such as the common law system. It may also involve studying important legal documents such as statutes, court precedents, and international treaties.

For those who have a law degree in other countries and want to pursue a legal career in multinational companies, investing in studying Legal English is extremely important for several reasons.

  • Access to new resources and study materials: You will find much of legal literature, including treaties, cases, proceedings, academic articles, and documents in English. By mastering these new terms and expressions, you will have access to much more diverse and up-to-date study and specialized material in the law field.

  • International communication is in English: The language is already used in many areas, including the legal community. By learning Legal English, you'll be able to communicate with different countries and cultures.

  • New opportunities: In a globalized world, legal firms are looking for professionals who can deal with legal issues on an international level. Having the knowledge of Legal English can make a difference and increase your chances of getting that job you've always dreamed of.

  • More ways to study abroad:  Are you interested in studying or obtaining a degree abroad? Then it's essential to have a good knowledge of Legal English. This will allow you to understand the content, engage in academic discussions and prepare legal documents according to the required standards.

In other words, learning Legal English is important for expanding your opportunities, accessing relevant resources and information, communicating, and participating in international legal transactions. It's a valuable skill for anyone involved in the legal field and who wants to be a successful lawyer in an increasingly globalized world. You can count on our online English courses to boost your skills and master this area of knowledge too.

We recommend that students have at least a post-intermediate level to study Legal English more easily. This is because you need to have some mastery of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to feel comfortable following the program, which requires more formal and specific language. This way, you'll be able to make the most of the course content and do the proposed activities with confidence.

Our Legal English Course covers topics such as international business, and careers, as well as practical activities to learn how to write reports and contracts. In private lessons, you'll learn how to talk about your profession, write arguments and presentations for courts, and also learn how to write contracts.

All with the support of live Efekta Teachers™, available 24 hours a day with private and group online English classes, so you can test your knowledge and practice the language in a fun and natural way.

This course is one of 17 modules that our school offers for professionals. As well as access to these modules, as a student you can also expand your knowledge with the 16 general English levels and the courses for business, travel, and TOEFL and TOEIC preparation. A complete school with everything you need to speak with confidence, whether in an informal environment or in corporate life.

To find out about prices and to get the perfect learning plan for you, in line with your needs, talk to our team today!