Intermediate English course

English is no longer a completely foreign language to you. You already know enough English to be able to understand short, simple texts, as well as being able to talk a bit about yourself and describe objects around you. However, you still don't feel confident enough to engage in conversations that go beyond the everyday subjects. So, how can you get past this stage? Come with us and we'll help you move forward on your journey to fluency with our online English course!

What is intermediate English?

You can handle everyday matters. You can talk about yourself in the present tense (or "simple present", the popular verb "to be") and list what you do on an ordinary day at work. But talking about things that happened in the past or delving into more complex subjects outside your comfort zone seems like a big mystery.

We know that speaking English is a process that takes time, so don't worry if you haven't yet reached the stage of feeling confident in putting the language into practice. We are here to help. With dedication and a dive into the English language, you'll see your progress in no time, and you'll achieve the fluency you need to start living in English.

Still don't know your English level?

What will you learn at this level when you choose our online English courses?

According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages), the intermediate level corresponds to levels B1 and B2. Let's take a closer look at what you'll be practicing in each one of them, with the help of our school and an expert Efekta Teacher™ dedicated to your needs.

B1 Level

Levels 7 to 9 in our course

Length: 150 hours

What you'll be able to do at the end of this stage: write simple texts about your interests and dreams (both professional and personal) and gain the vocabulary to start taking part in meetings in English.

B1 Level

Levels 10 to 12 in our course

Length: 200 hours

What you'll be able to do at the end of this stage: Lead presentations in meetings at work, talk about finances and offer advice, talk about lifestyles and subjects that go beyond everyday situations, and start to be able to understand more complex texts.

How long does it take to finish intermediate English?

Completing this stage is one of the biggest challenges for anyone who is learning English. While at the basic level, all words and phrases are a novelty and the first results appear after just a few months of study, the intermediate level requires a new type of commitment. They have already passed the stage of memorizing more basic words and are starting to delve into more complex vocabulary and grammatical constructions, which require not only dedication but also a deeper dive into the language.

That's why it's very difficult to determine how long a person needs to study to reach advanced English. We could tell you how many hours of content levels B1 and B2 have on our platform (around 350 hours) but learning also depends on the learner’s familiarity with the subject, as well as how much contact they have with the language outside of the classroom.

To learn a language, you need to speak it. And our courses will get you there!

Look at everything you'll be able to do when you complete each unit of EF English Live's online intermediate English course:

Share plans for the weekend 

Talk about your relationships 

Order food in a restaurant and ask for the check 

List personal and professional dreams 

Talk about your educational background and plans for your career 

Talk about your favorite childhood songs and movies 

Discuss situations and behaviors 

Talk about issues at work 

Participate in negotiations with suppliers 

Ask someone in the office for help 

Prepare and present reports 

Give compliments and express compassion 

And what comes next?

When you finish our intermediate English course, you will be one step closer to being fluent in English. From now on, you'll be able to talk to people and understand spoken English more confidently. But you must continue your studies to learn even more about grammar and vocabulary. That's why we have advanced and post-advanced English courses, with a teacher to guide you along the way.

Advancing beyond the intermediate level can be challenging, which is why we offer the best support and all the information and activities you need to speak real English.

In addition to live classes with teachers, there are 16 levels, from beginner to post-advanced, for you to practice. Each unit has interactive classes that will teach you the difference between "was" and "were", when to use "have" and "had", "present perfect", thousands of phrasal verbs, and much more! Plus, we have voice recognition software to sharpen your speaking skills.

We have learners and teachers from five continents, and you can meet them in group conversation classes that take place every day. Classes take place every 30 minutes and are interactive and up to date, so you can practice the language with real conversations and subjects, exchange experiences, and even discover new habits from other cultures. It's almost like an exchange program experience, but without having to jump on a plane.

We know that people have a busy day-to-day life and that you won't always have the spare time to study. You may have some free time at lunch, or only after you get home. That's why our online English courses are available 24 hours a day, so you can study whenever and wherever you want. As a result, you won't be stuck with timetables that don't fit in with your routine and you won't even have to leave the house to study.

Efekta Teachers™, our native and certified teachers, will guide you on your learning journey. Your Efekta Teacher™ will ensure that you stay motivated and focused to achieve results quickly. They are committed to your progress and are trained and prepared to help you throughout your learning process.

Develop your English conversation skills with the support of a certified teacher and with people at the same level as you. Experience real-life conversations and apply what you've learnt in classes. Communicate, interact, and immerse yourself in the English language while improving your skills live, with an engaging and effective learning experience.

Our learners can improve their English skills in a practical and fun way, with thousands of hours of interactive classes. Each course unit has several exercises that will help you achieve your goals quickly and flexibly. Got 15 minutes to spare, either at home or at work? With them, you can use every free moment to evolve.

Here at EF English Live, you receive a certificate when you successfully complete each of our 16 levels, from beginner to post-advanced. This certificate is international proof of your knowledge and can even be shared on LinkedIn so that recruiters know about your skills.

Just in case you missed something...

Here are some frequently asked questions about our intermediate English course.

The CEFR, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is widely used around the world to assess proficiency in various languages. It is used by schools, universities, companies and even governments and international organizations. It divides proficiency levels into six: A1 and A2 (basic), B1 and B2 (intermediate), and finally C1 and C2 (advanced). Each requires specific language and communication skills.

Knowing your level of English is a very important step on your journey to fluency. This is because by knowing your stage of learning you can start studying at the right point and not waste time revisiting language structures you have already mastered. Here at EF English Live, our learners take an assessment test before starting their studies, but you can also take this test for free.

Basic English and intermediate English require very different language and communication skills. At the basic level, the person can understand and use simple phrases such as greetings, questions, and short answers in familiar and routine contexts. At intermediate level, you have a greater command of the language and can talk about situations that go beyond everyday life, albeit with occasional errors.

This is a question we get from our learners all the time. During the basic English stages, everything is new and learners see progress very quickly, which makes learning exciting. However, once you reach the intermediate level, the process becomes more complex, and you are faced not only with more advanced sentence structures and grammatical constructions, but also the constant need to deepen your knowledge to communicate.

And this repertoire building needs to go beyond the classroom. We often say that learners need to immerse themselves in the language and bring English into their routine to have as much contact with the language as possible. But here at EF English Live, you won't be lost, because our Efekta Teachers™ offer activities, tips, and personalized feedback, which will help you chart the best path to move up a level and then on to more advanced classes.