Learn English faster by finding your learning style

Not everyone learns in the same way. We all have different learning styles based on our background and personalities, and many scientists have tried to categorize the way we learn into different styles. One of the most popular systems was developed by a man called Neil Fleming and uses the categories below.

Take a look through these learning styles and see which describes you best, then use the tips for your learning style to help you learn English faster.

Visual learners
Do you have a preference for pictures and images? If so, you are a visual learner. Visual learners love using diagrams and graphics to help them understand new concepts or ideas.

If you are a visual learner, use flashcards with bold images on them to remember new vocabulary, and take photos or draw pictures in your notes to help your mind remember what you learn in class. To help understand how tense forms work, look for timelines that will show you how they are used.

Auditory learners
Do you find it easy to understand spoken explanations of things? Do you ever talk to yourself? If so, you are probably an auditory learner.

For auditory learners, listening and speaking (often writing, too) will help you remember new concepts and ideas. Make use of any audio resources such as recorded audio of new vocabulary in dictionaries, and try making your own using the voice recorder in your smartphone. If you are using flashcards, have written descriptions on them rather than pictures.

Kinesthetic learners
Do you find it difficult to sit still in class? Do you prefer actually having a go at doing something rather than listening to someone explaining it? Yes? That means you are likely to be a kinesthetic learner.

Kinesthetic learners learn by doing or by associating knowledge with specific actions. If you are a kinesthetic learner, make the most of your classes by getting involved in any activities and try to find as many situations where you can use English outside of class as possible.

If you have to study by yourself, set yourself tasks that will force you to use any new English you learn. Act out role-plays or scenes from English TV shows so there is some kind of physical activity in your practice sessions.

So, from the descriptions above, what kind of learner are you and which of the practice tips do you want to try?