How Other People Can Help You Learn English

Learning to take responsibility for your studies is vital if you want to become fluent in a language, but it’s important to remember that learning a language is not just about you.

The people around you can help you reach your goals, and appreciating that fact will help you learn more effectively and even meet new friends. Below are a few ways other people can help you learn English.

Learn from other people’s mistakes

The teacher in your class isn’t just there for you. Unless you’re in a Private class, he or she needs to pay attention and provide corrections for all the other students in class as well. Listen to the feedback the teacher gives other students as well as you. It’s likely that if you are at the same level, the teacher’s corrections for other students will help you fix mistakes in your own English too.

Ask other people how they became good at English

Is there someone in your class or group of friends that speaks English really well? If so, ask that person how he or she became so good. Advice from a person who has already achieved what you want to achieve is very valuable, and using similar methods can help you become equally successful.

Help other people

You can learn just as much from teaching others as being taught yourself. Helping out by teaching English to other people is a great way to make sure you are really understand the English you have already learnt. Teaching also helps you discover your own weaknesses. If there’s something you struggle to explain to another person, you know that is something you need to work on yourself until you completely understand it.

Share with other people

The whole point of language is sharing. The function of language is to communicate information. There’s no point in speaking a language unless there is at least one other person who understands it. Share information, experiences, and most importantly, share good times in English with your classmates and friends to put your language studies in context.

Listen to other people

You have two ears but only one mouth, so you can listen twice as much as you talk. Communication is two-way interaction, so make sure you can listen as well as speak. Listening to other people carefully means you can answer appropriately and have an effective conversation together.

By paying attention to people around you, you can maximise your learning in any situation and have a lot more fun than studying on your own. So, who are you going to learn with today?