Five Ways to Have Fun with English

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we’ve got just the prescription for you! Get the giggles with these fun word games you can play with your friends. Who says studying can’t be fun?

Beginnings and endings

This game focuses on beginning and ending letters of words. The first player says a word, and the next player must quickly say a word that begins with its final letter. For example:

Player 1: English
Player 2: heart
Player 3: telephone
Player 4: elephant

If a person can’t think of a word, hesitates, or gets the letter wrong, they are out of the game. The last person left is the winner.

I spy …

Pick an object that you can see from where you are, for example, an apple on your table. Then say, “I spy with my little eye something red,” corresponding to the object’s color. Then have a friend guess what it might be. “Is it the lamp?” They can keep guessing until they get it right!

As an alternative, you do not have to use a color. Choose any adjective: “I spy … something round” or “I spy … something small.”


Reveal your acting skills with this game! First think of a popular movie title, and then act it out word by word. Your friends should shout out guesses, and the first person to get it right should take their place on center stage.

Who am I?

Send one person out, and decide what famous person he or she will be. The player returns and asks “Who am I?” Everyone should give one clue:

Player 1: Who am I?
Player 2: You are a businessman.
Player 1: Who am I?
Player 3: You are very rich.
Player 1: Who am I?
Player 4: You are an American.

After listening to all the clues, the player has three chances to guess, for example, “Am I Bill Gates?”

Word associations

Begin by saying any word. The next player must quickly say the first related word that comes to mind:

Player 1: Love
Player 2: Heart
Player 3: Red
Player 4: Fire

Continue this process quickly. If someone takes too long, or if the word is not related, that person is out. The last person to stay in the game is the winner!