English for lazy people

Just like there are countless reasons to learn English, there are plenty of excuses that stop people from actually getting down to doing it. If you have access to the Internet (and if you’re reading this article you probably do!) you don’t have to worry about many of those obstacles. Luckily for you, opportunities for learning English online are increasing all the time, both in terms of choice and quality.

If your working hours or class schedule make it difficult to find English classes at the right time, the Internet is always right there waiting whenever you have free time. Similarly, if you have to travel regularly for work or are busy raising a family, you can use the flexibility of online learning to study when you have free time, and not worry about missing formal lessons. And while many places are still lacking convenient, top quality language schools, online programs bring you native speakers, professionally prepared materials, and the credibility that comes with a global reputation. And you don’t even have to traipse around town comparing programs and registering – just a few clicks of your mouse and you’ll be ready to go!

Online schools like Englishlive.ef.com are one of the best ways to learn English online. They combine a structured curriculum with a great deal of flexibility, interactive self-study that fits your schedule, live conversation classes 24 hours a day, and a range of high-quality learning materials.

While there are many resources for learning English scattered throughout the Internet, if you want to save yourself some effort you should choose a site that offers everything in one place. This definitely appeals to the lazy-bones (lazy people) among us! These learning websites are dedicated to studying English and always keep the needs of ESL learners in mind. EF English Live, for example, offers live online lessons with native English-speaking teachers, and you don’t even have to get out of bed to come to class! There are also text and audio chatrooms for students from around the world to get in touch. And unlike other online chat rooms, you won’t get flamed (criticised) if you make any mistakes.

You can also practice your English by watching movies with transcripts of the dialogue and tips on idioms and colloquial phrases. Not feeling up to a formal lesson? You can try out language games, read your daily horoscope, or enter a contest to test your English!

Many of these sites have free services and lessons, as well as a free trial period. So no matter whether it’s your schedule, location, money, or just plain laziness that’s keeping you from studying English, online learning is a great solution that’s just a click away.

By Charles de Simone