How to Boost Your English Writing Skills Online

How to boost your English writing skills online? The importance of clear and correct written English can’t be overlooked. Today’s students and professionals are constantly communicating in writing—from emails to texts to presentations. Whatever your English fluency goals, expressing yourself well in writing in an invaluable skill.

For instance, an excellent cover letter can make or break your chance for an interview at an English-speaking company.  For students aiming for a place at top UK or US universities, strong written English is essential—from personal statements and entrance exams to extended dissertations. Even if you don’t use English at work or in your studies, the ability to write English well is a huge advantage, whether you have an old-fashioned pen-pal or simply need to send an email to the hotel you’ve booked for your summer holiday.

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve your English writing skills online, look no further than EF English Live. Follow the tips below to quickly give your English writing skills a boost.

  1. Read widely

Often, the best writers are the most enthusiastic readers. This can be true for famous authors, but also for you as an English student. Start with reading material at your level, whether it’s a familiar children’s story or an online English newspaper, and then challenge yourself with new reading material each week. Pay attention to sentence construction and note that great writing doesn’t need to be complex.

Our online school is full of sample texts to read. Throughout your lessons, you’ll find plenty of examples of clear and correct writing in English to help you improve your own.

  1. Keep a vocab list

As you read, note down useful vocabulary to include in your writing. These could be interesting adjectives or new unfamiliar words you want to add to your own vocabulary. Type these out with a definition in English and keep them handy for your next written activity.

Adding new words and great descriptive adjectives will help to make your writing more sophisticated and interesting.

  1. Pay attention to grammar

It’s the boring truth and every language learner’s biggest burden but, unfortunately, grammar matters. Luckily our online school is full of fun lessons that make this essential task less painful.

Once you master a new grammar lesson or verb conjugation, make a point to use it in your writing. This will help to reinforce your understanding of the rule and make your own writing more clear, correct and fluent.

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  1. Get feedback from a native speaker

One of the biggest perks for EF English Live students is that each written activity throughout every level of our online English school is reviewed by one of our expert teachers. They’ll provide invaluable feedback for improving your writing online.

You’re also welcome to bring pieces of writing to Private Classes to review one-to-one with your teacher. He or she can help you to really make your writing shine.

  1. Get social in English

Looking for a fun way to practice and improve your English writing skills online? Tweet, use Facebook or blog in English. It’s a great way to get practice writing and can help you to learn new idioms and expressions as you connect with other English speakers and learners online.

Have some English writing tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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