7 English expressions for cold weather

British people are famous for loving to talk about the weather. The unpredictable climate in the UK certainly gives us plenty to talk about. Winter is a great time to talk about the weather in English because we have lots of interesting English vocabulary to describe it. Here are seven interesting expressions to help you talk about the weather in English.

English expressions for cold weather

1. It’s as cold as…

Using ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare two things for dramatic effect is called a simile. In English, we have lots of similes to talk about how cold the weather is. The most common is ‘as cold as ice’.

2. Freezing fog

Fog is a thick mist that makes it difficult to see. It’s very dangerous when it freezes, especially for drivers. Don’t worry, though, you won’t walk into it. Fog only freezes as it touches the ground.

3. Black ice

Very dangerous for drivers, black ice is completely transparent, which makes it very difficult to see. Make sure to drive slowly if there are warnings of black ice on the road.

4. A blizzard

This is a very serious snowstorm, so serious that it is sometimes impossible to see. If this happens, we can call it a ‘white-out’.

5. Frost

English learners often confuse frost and snow. Snow falls from the sky, but frost is water vapour that freezes on the ground, leaves and on the outside of buildings.

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6. To wrap up warm

When the weather is cold outside, you need to put lots of layers of clothes on if you want to go outside. We call this ‘wrapping up warm’.

7. To snuggle in

Sometimes in cold weather, you just don’t want to go outside at all. If that’s the case, make yourself warm and comfortable at home with a blanket and ‘snuggle in’ on your sofa or bed.

How about where you live? Is there frost on the ground and do you need to watch out for freezing fog? Do you prefer to wrap up warm and go outside in the cold weather or just snuggle in at home and watch a movie? Let us know in the comments section below and add some English expressions for cold weather.