Words from around the world

Have you ever wondered about the lives of our students and their experience with English? Keep reading and get some inspiration from them.

Augustin the French pilot


I am 64 years old, and I am pushed at a too fast pace toward 65. I study English for my own pleasure and I don’t need it in my profession, which has no link with English. I use English only in one of my hobbies. I have been a Sunday pilot since I was 20 years old. An English qualification is required if you want to fly outside of France. Usually I only fly to the near French-speaking Switzerland.

In my opinion the best part of this course is the possibility to speak live with a native English-speaking teacher. I hope to be able to one day understand fully a movie, without the help of subtitles.

Elmo the Brazilian executive


Career progression is important to me, as was being able to communicate whilst traveling. English is truly a global language and I think that being able to speak it broadens my horizons significantly.

The ability to study 24/7 is critical given the demands work places on my time. I have a heavy travel schedule and find myself in transit most weekends.  I make sure that I take GLs and PLs on a regular basis to support what I learn though the online exercises. I consider them to be vital.

Tamina the young German mum


I was always scared to talk to other Germans because I didn’t know if their English was better than mine. In the live class, I am never scared to speak English because the teacher understands it is still improving.

I like to watch the videos in EF English Live because you don’t just read how to say it – you see how it is acted too. I think it’s really important.

Now, I know my English is better because I understand English humour. I saw the film Mulan in Germany and I thought it was funny. But when I watched it in English it was so much funnier, I was laughing all the way through. Because some English jokes cannot be translated to German, they are just English. So I loved watching that – I love Disney. I think you’re never too old for Disney.

The world is learning English so Russia can talk to India and Brazil can talk to China.

Not everyone has the time (or the money) to go to an international EF English school.

That’s why we started.

So everybody with the Internet can access an EF school and a native-speaking teacher. In any time zone, any hour of the day.

Anyone can learn.

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