Do You Understand New York English?

From Broadway to Times Square to Central Park, there’s plenty to see and do in New York City! But before you make a trip the city that never sleeps, take a minute to brush up on your New York slang!

The Big Apple

This is one apple you can’t eat! The term The Big Apple refers to New York City itself. Before your trip, tell your friends, “I’m going to the Big Apple!”

Stand on line
While most Americans would stand in line, New Yorkers say stand on line. If you want to blend in and sound like a native, do the same!

In New York, you should go to a restaurant and order a hero. Don’t worry, the waiter won’t look at you like you’re crazy. Just don’t expect an amazing and brave man to arrive at your table. A hero is what New Yorkers call a big Italian submarine sandwich.

Do me a solid
If someone asks you, Hey can you do me a solid?, make sure you find out what it is before you agree! They’re really asking you to do them a favor.

Out in left field
No, this doesn’t refer to a baseball player who is in left field. You can say someone is out in left field if you think they are odd or weird. “Look at that strange guy! He’s really out in left field!”

All right already!
This phrase is used in exasperation! It’s another way of saying, “That’s enough! Stop it!” For example, “All right already! I’ll do you a solid. Just stop bothering me!”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you were given a birthday card. Those under the age of 21 (the legal drinking age in the US) are often most concerned about getting carded – or asked to show identification at a bar to prove they are at least 21!

This is how a New Yorker would pronounce, “Forget about it!” Essentially, it’s just another way of saying, “No way!”  “You want me to do you a solid? Fuhhgeddaboutit!”

Don’t jerk my chain
As a tourist, if you feel someone is trying to cheat you or fool you, you can say this! Don’t jerk my chain! means stop trying to fool me!

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