Is this on sale? Useful expressions for shopping in English

Whether you’re buying things for pleasure or out of necessity, shopping in English is something you’ll need to know how to do for a visit to any English speaking country. Once you feel confident with this English vocabulary basics, shopping in English can be an enjoyable activity and with these English expressions, you’ll always get the best deals!

May I help you?

Sales assistants are usually very helpful and will offer to help you or ask “Are you looking for anything in particular?” so they can help you find what you are looking for. If you don’t want to buy anything in particular, you can say “I’m just browsing” and if you are looking for one particular thing, you can say “Yes, I’m looking for a _____.”

Is this on sale?

Many stores have seasonal sales where the products are sold at a discount. If it is not clear whether an item is on sale (discounted), you can ask a sales assistant. If they reply “It’s 10% off”, the price has been reduced by 10% and if they say “It’s three for two” that means if you buy two items, you can take a third for free!

Can you do me a deal?

If you are buying more expensive goods like furniture or electronic goods, sometimes salespeople will be able to arrange a discount for you. Ask whether there are any deals available to make sure you get the best price.

Can you throw in any extras?

Again, if you are spending a lot of money, the salesperson might give you something extra free to encourage you to spend money. If you are buying a camera or other electronic goods it’s always worth asking “Can you throw in any extras?” and you might get a free low-value item like a camera bag or memory card.

Great I’ll take it!

Once you’ve decided to buy the item, let the sales assistant know. If it’s a gift, ask “Can you gift-wrap that?” some stores offer this as a free service.

How would you like to pay?

When the sales assistant says this, they want to know if you will use cash or a credit card. If you have a gift card or discount voucher, use them now by saying “Can I redeem this?” and giving the sales assistant the voucher or card.

Congratulations, now you’ve got yourself a bargain all that’s left to do is tell your friends about it!