Romantic Expressions to talk about your partner in English

When you think of the most important people in your life, where is your romantic partner on the list? Whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, our partners are important in our lives and that means it’s important to be able to talk about them in English. French may be the language of love, but English also has plenty of romantic expressions. Here are some handy English romantic phrases for dating.

Love makes the world go round

Some people think that money makes the world go round. But for true romantics, love is the most important thing in life. You can say “He/she makes my world go round” if you want to tell people that you really love your partner.

Your better half

This refers to your partner. Some people say ‘my other half’ – but saying ‘my better half’ shows a bit more respect to your partner and implies that he or she makes you a better person.

The light of my life

The light of your life is the person who makes you smile, and feel great! You could also say to your loved one, “Darling, you light up my life”.

She drives me crazy!

Love makes people do strange things! If somebody drives you crazy, they make your heart beat faster and you find them really attractive. For example, “You’re crazy about Amy, why don’t you ask her out?”

Falling in love

To fall in love means a whole lot more than to love. To love someone is great, but to fall in love means you just can’t live without someone! Remember – don’t tell your girlfriend/boyfriend “I’m falling in love with you” too soon. It’s better to wait until you really know.

Perfect match

Have you found your perfect match? Your perfect match is exactly that – the person that matches you perfectly in every way. We also use the expression ‘soul mate’. Sometimes people use the expression ‘the one’ to say that a person is the one perfect partner in the world for them.

Seeing, Dating, Going steady

When you first start going out with someone, you don’t want to seem too serious. You might say “I’m seeing someone”. After a while, you begin ‘dating’ them. Finally, you are ‘going steady’ with them. This means that you are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

You are too good to be true!

You say this to someone if you think they are so amazing they can’t be real. Sometimes, being in love is like a dream and you could also say “You are like a dream come true”.

Significant other

This is a modern way to refer to your partner or lover in the third person. So you could say to someone “Can I bring my significant other to the party?”, but you wouldn’t way to your partner “Honey, you are my significant other.”

Love at first sight

We’ve all seen this in romantic movies, it might even have happened to some of us.Love at first sight when two people fall in love immediately, the first time they see each other. If you believe this, then you’re a true romantic!

So, are you seeing anyone at the moment? Are you already married? Was it love at first sight? Share some of these expressions with your partner to tell them you love them in English.