Inviting Someone Over in English

There are various ways of inviting someone in English. First, extend your invitation by highlighting what special occasion it is. Is it your birthday celebration? A housewarming? Or after work cocktails? Making it clear what occasion it is allow your guests to be mentally prepared for the type of occasion and whether they should dress up.


How you can invite someone is to start off your invitation introduction with something like:

“Hello everyone! I would like to invite you to my special occasion. This is an extension of my warmth and devotion to all my friends. Please be advised that this special occasion will be fun and full of adventure.”

Language: Formal or informal English?

Depending on the people you would like to invite, choose your vocabulary, invitation letter structure and part of speech appropriately.

For instance, if you are inviting your girlfriend for some drinks after work, you can invite them with colloquial language.

“Hey girls, come over for some cocktails at my house, it is guaranteed to be fun and wild.”

However, if you are extending an invitation to an older audience such as professionals, you need to use formal language, and you need to be descriptive when it comes to your vocabulary.

“Dear Sir and Madam, I cordially invite you to lunch at my house. The address is enclosed in the invitation. Please RSVP if you are bringing more than one person, Warm regards.”

English is a beautiful language and whichever manner you want to draft an invitation to someone, you will be able to suit people’s language standards. Depending on the type of guests you’re inviting, you can structure your invitation according to how formal it should be.

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