Everything you need to know about British music festivals

Music festivals are an important part of the British calendar. They come in all forms, from small folk festivals to big classical, rock or pop music festivals. Here are a few things you can expect at most major music festival in the UK:


Camping in tents is often a big part of a music festival. This can sometimes be challenging, because the weather in the UK is very unpredictable! Despite the weather, camping is a great way to make friends at festivals. Everyone can usually be found singing their favourite songs back at the campsite after all the music has stopped.

Fancy dress

At the big festivals, lots of people like to have at least one day where they wear costumes. You’ll see lots of Where’s Wallys, smurfs and plenty of people wearing moustaches. It’s fun to take part and try to spot all of the different costumes.

Festival food

Festival food isn’t always the healthiest. Usually you’ll find yourself grabbing something quick, such as a bag of chips, pizza or a burger. Although now lots of big chains also sell food at festivals, including Dominos Pizza at last year’s V Festival.

The music

The music is the reason why you come to a music festival of course! You can spend all day sitting in the sun with your friends, listening to your favourite bands and finding new favourites too. Festivals are great places to test out music that you might have heard before on the radio and want to hear live. Pop and rock festivals in the UK are very popular and even mainstream bands such as Kings of Leon, The Killers and Coldplay often play.

Festival toilets

Let’s end on an interesting note. Festival toilets are amongst the worst in the world. They’re often unclean and they smell. Unfortunately everyone has to use them at some point!

Overall, festivals in the UK are wonderful opportunities to see great music, have fun with friends and meet new people. Why not give it a try and have a lot of fun!