Englishes from different English speaking countries

There are many different English speaking countries. Although the language is essentially the same, there are some aspects of the language that are different in different places. It would be useful to know the following. The most common English comparison is between “British English” and “American English”.

Firstly, the pronunciation is different. There are many reasons for this. It could be that the accent affects the pronunciation or in some cases, the pronunciation can also be affected by other languages spoken in that area. So you have to listen carefully.
Secondly, the spelling and grammar is different. For example: In British English, you would say: “colour or programme”. Whereas, in American English you would say: “color or program”.

Thirdly, there can also be a difference in vocabulary. There are instances where common objects are called different things. In British English, you would say: “I live in a flat”. Whereas, in American English you would say: “I live in an apartment”.

Lastly, since the English speaking countries are so different. There are even different local ways of greeting. Here are a few examples:

Austrailia – “ G’day”
Ireland – “Hows the form?”
New Zealand – Kia ora
South Africa – Howzit
United Kingdom – Alright?
United States of America – Whassup?

Do you recognise any of them?

There is a great debate about whether or not we should have one standard form of English. Do you agree?