5 Fun games to improve your English

Learning English should be fun. We learn faster and more effectively when we are engaged in learning and using games is a great way to make learning more interesting. Here are five games that will help improve your English while having fun with your friends.

Two truths and a lie

This is a game for two or more people. On a piece of paper, write down three facts about yourself. Two of the facts should be true and one should be a lie. Read the facts to the other people in the group and they have to guess which were true and which was a lie. They can ask extra questions about the facts to check how good you lie is, so be prepared to explain yourself! The winner is the person who makes the group believe the most lies.


This is a classic party game and it’s great for practising English, too. On stack of cards or slips of paper, write down the vocabulary you want to remember – verbs and nouns work well for this game. Now mix up the pieces of paper and take turns to act out a word each while the other people in the group try to guess which word you are acting.


Hangman is an effective way to practise new vocabulary with a partner. Think of a word and write a line on a piece of paper for each letter. Your partner needs to guess the word by guessing each letter first. If he or she guesses a letter correctly, write it on the line. If he or she guesses a letter incorrectly, draw one part of a gallows and person being hung. If your partner guesses the word before the drawing is complete, he or she wins. If the drawing is finished, the person hangs and you are the winner.

Don’t forget the…

In your group, you are going on a shopping trip. Before you leave, you need to make a list. Sit in a circle and the first person starts by saying the first thing on the list. For example “I’m going to the shops and I need to buy apples.” The next person needs to add something to the list and remember what the first person wanted to buy. For example “I’m going to the shops and I need to buy apples and bread.” Keep going and adding to the list and see how long it takes before someone forgets one of the items.

20 Questions

Start by secretly thinking of a person, an object, an animal, etc. The other players should ask up to 20 yes/no questions to gather information about it. Remember to only answer with the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the players can guess correctly before reaching 20, they win. If not, you win!

So, now you know five fun games to improve your English, all you need to do is get together with some friends and start playing them!