Travel English: key words for the airport

The airport is a place that you will eventually find yourself at if you haven’t already. Depending on where you’re going or coming from, Travel English will be a must.

Let’s face it, with your holiday or business trip about to begin or come to an end, you will want to avoid any hassle or miscommunication. So let’s talk about some important English words which will come in useful at the airport.

Before you leave your house for the airport, be sure to print out your confirmation number. A confirmation number is a personalized number given to you when you purchase your plane ticket. The check-in counter will surely ask for this along with your passport. Once they check you in, you will receive your boarding pass. This is your official ticket to get on the plane.

After you check-in your luggage and receive your boarding pass, you will be asked to move through security. Now, it’s time to find your plane. Your plane will be waiting for you at your specified departure gate. Your departure gate is on your boarding pass. It’s usually a number and a letter. This is the place where you show your ticket and board the plane. Don’t get there too late or they will close the gate. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience.

Travel English: key words for the airport

After you board your plane and find your seat you will be asked to store your carry-on luggage in the overhead bins. This refers to the smaller bag that you have taken with you onto the plane. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, or if you’re me, fall asleep.

Once you land, you need to find your luggage at the baggage claim area. The baggage carousel is the long moving circle that has many bags on it. Check the bag tags to be sure you pick up the correct one.

Now, armed with the right vocabulary, you’re ready to embark on any trip with no worries at all!

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