10 Common Phrasal Verbs about Work

It’s probably time for you to get back to work, but before you do, take some of these helpful ‘work’ phrasal verbs with you. You may know some of them, so test your knowledge and fill in the correct phrasal verb that is missing from the blanks in each sentence.

A. I’m going to ______ this email ______ Michelle before sending it out to all the employees.
B. I still need to ______ the contract for Johnson and Co. to sign tomorrow.
C. My company always ______ their computers. If we didn’t, we might lose years of work.
D. I will need you ______ to me about your meeting this afternoon so you can update me on the situation.
E. John has been searching for a new job since he was ______ two weeks ago.
F. Let’s ______ today at noon to talk about the upcoming business we have this month.
G. Our deal may ______ because of financial reasons.
H. Josh will have to ______ Ashley’s work while she is out sick.
I. I’m all ______ today. Can you please schedule Ms. Johnson for tomorrow morning instead?
J. Don’t forget we have a meeting today to ______ the deal with Miller Company.

  1. Back up: To ‘back up’ something is to make a copy of the information so that you don’t lose it. Often this refers to files and documents on a computer.

  2. Fall through: This is when a deal or arrangement doesn’t happen.

  3. Laid off: This is when a company stops employing someone due to there not being enough work or money.

  4. Run (something) by / past: This means to show someone something so they can share their opinion on it.

  5. Take over: This can mean to take control of a company, or to start doing a job that someone else was responsible for.

  6. Talk over: To discuss a situation or problem with someone.

  7. Report back: To bring back information that you were asked to find out about.

  8. Meet up: To gather with someone or a group to do something together.

  9. Booked up: To have no spare time in a schedule.

  10. Draw up: To prepare a plan or a document.

So how did you do? Were some of them familiar? Did you get to use any of these phrasal verbs today? Try them out and don’t stop learning English online!

Answers: A- 4, B-10, C-1, D-7, E-3, F-8, G-2, H-5, I-9, J-6.