English You Need on a Business Trip

For most work trips, it’ll be easy enough to get around, but what about those little extra things you need? Whether you’re asking a colleague or the concierge at the hotel, here are some useful phrases for your next business trip.

1. Appearance in English in Business Trip

“I need a suit in a hurry! Do you know where I can get one?”
“Where can I get my shoes polished?”
“I need a pair of heels in a hurry, where can I get a pair?”
“Do you know where I could buy a tie?
“I have an event in the evening, is there a good hairdresser you’d recommend?”
“Could you recommend a good manicurist?”

2. Technology in English

“Do you have wifi?”
“We need help with connecting to the internet, could you send someone to help?”
“Will any of your conference rooms be available for a meeting tomorrow?”
“Will it be possible to set up a projector?”
“I broke my laptop, do you know if I can rent one?”

3. Other phrases in English for a Business Trip

“Where is your business center?”
“Could you arrange for a taxi to take us to the airport on Friday at 5pm?”
“I’ll only be here for 2 days. What do you recommend we see in Paris?”
“May I have a receipt for that please?”
“Could you arrange for a taxi to take us to ABC Building every morning?”
“Could you help reserve a table for 4, for tonight at ABC restaurant?”

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