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Gain the English Skills You Need for a TOEFL Test High Score

  • Professional online teachers help you prepare for your TOEFL test with intensive exam training and practice test sessions. Your 1-1 teacher support is invaluable for success.


Getting Ready for Your TOEFL Online Test

  • A good TOEFL score is necessary if you want to go to a top English language university. Over 9000 colleges and universities around the world recognize the English proficiency test.


    TOEFL is a thorough examination of your English skills, so you must prepare to build up your fluency. EF English Live is the ideal partner, offering you expert English teachers, skill-building exercises, and practice tests.


    This course concentrates on the four key areas of fluency: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. 

The TOEFL Prep Course Involves:

TOEFL Trainer Course: speaking & writing

The initial segment includes 60 speaking and 20 written exercises, all of them based on the actual TOEFL iBT. To make it more life-like, we time each piece of work - the perfect practice.

After, see how your answers compare with high-scoring parts submitted by others. Doing so is a sound way for you to improve.

TOEFL Trainer Course: listening & reading

First, you sit a practice exam in the TOEFL iBT format for listening and reading. We then take your result and use it to formulate 12 personalized lessons to raise your English skills via dozens of sample TOEFL questions. It's an ideal preparation.

Full-length TOEFL iBT practice tests

To experience the most life-like test experience, we sit you through an online examination that follows the same length and structure of the TOEFL test.


Get a full performance summary after every sitting, then compare your answers to expert responses, using them to improve your next shot and bump up your score.

Expansive Library of Practice Papers 

Our award-winning online English prep course sits alongside our specialized TOEFL test preparation.


We've got hundreds of hours of online English lessons to help you improve your spoken and written language skills - perfect for the TOEFL test or for getting prepared for university life.

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