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The English language is full of strange phrases and idioms. Learn online to improve your English skills in business and socially, with our free eBook resources
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Learn English Phrases

  • Pick up some typical English phrases that will help your confidence and make a good impression. Speak with clarity and detail.

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Discover English idioms

  • When an English person says, 'Pigs might fly,' it is not a reference to the likely flight of a pig. Instead, this idiom is a phrase used ironically to express disbelief. Learn expressions like this, and you won't be left scratching your head.

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English for Your Career

  • If you're hoping to advance your career, learning some essential English in the business environment will help you get there. This eBook teaches you some of the critical words and phrases you'll need to make an impression in the workplace.

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English Words and Phrases

  • This free pocket guide introduces you to everyday English vocabulary, helping you to improve your language skills at your own pace. Pick at up and study at any time to suit you.

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Job Interviews in English

  • If you have an upcoming job interview in English, use this free guide to crucial phrases and vocabulary that are likely to come up. Follow our tips on how to present yourself, and you'll give yourself a great shot at landing the position.

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Grammar, the English Way

  • Every language has its quirks of grammar, and English is no different. Use this free eBook to study English grammar, getting tips to use in a professional or social environment.

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