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Your core learning apps

Self-study and Live Classes available anytime, anywhere.

As an English Live student, you’ll get unlimited access to our two core learning apps so that you can study English anytime.

  • 16 levels of interactive lessons

    With the EF English Live App you can study at your own pace with hundreds of hours of lessons to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Live Private and Group Classes

    With the EF Classroom App you can learn and practice with expert teachers either 1 on 1 or with 4-5 students at your level from around the world.

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Additional apps and tools

EF Mentor: Words

EF Mentor Words App enables you to search for words you'd like to learn and then guides you through mastering them as quickly as possible.

EF Mentor: Sounds

EF Mentor Sounds App helps you learn the sounds of English and to pronounce words clearly and faster.


Flashcards is aligned with your course so that you can review and practice words that you have learned.


Using the Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, the online dictionary allows you to translate English entries into your own language.

Grammar Lab

Review key English grammer point and complete activities to test your understanding.

Assessment Test

Complete the 20 minute assesment test to find out your current level of English.

EF English Live Friends

Make new friends, from around the world, and practice your English with the EF English Live Friends chat application. Our Friends chat app lets you search and add other EF English Live students to your network, giving you the opportunity to practice your English in a social context.

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