5 Ways Our Classes Will Help You in the Real World

One of the best parts about learning English is that the language has an immediate practical application—you can use it straight away. Of course, to build confidence, most people want to practice speaking and listening with others before heading out into the ‘real-world’.

It’s no surprise then that online Group Conversation Classes are one of the most popular aspects of EF English Live’s online school. However, regularly attending Group Conversation Classes online could have more real-world benefits than you might imagine.

Here’s a list of our top 5 ways Group Conversation Classes prepare you for real-world success with your English:

1. You will learn to understand a range of English accents

One of the primary advantages of our Group Classes is that you’ll learn English as it’s really spoken around the world. In our Group Conversation Classes, you’ll train your ears to better understand the accents you’re likely to hear on your travels and in business—from American English to English spoken with a French, German or Indian accent…or any other accent from all corners of the globe!

2. You will gain a greater understanding of different cultures

EF Education First’s mission is to open the world through education, and this mission is highly relevant in our Group Classes. During these 45-minute sessions, you’ll meet and speak with other students from all over the world. Despite any differences in native language, background or culture, you’ll bond over one common goal: learning English.

3. You can network with like-minded, global professionals

Many of our students are working to improve their English for their career. If this applies to you, you’re likely to meet and speak to like-minded professionals online. Not only will you learn English together, you may also find that you have business knowledge or aspirations in common, which can have real-world professional benefits.

4. You get the experience of studying abroad without leaving home

There are countless personal benefits to the experience of studying in a new country. Luckily EF English Live brings the other countries to you! You’ll meet a truly diverse range of students and teachers in our virtual classroom. You may even form lasting friendships with students from the other side of the world.

5. You will gain the confidence to have real conversations with people from a range of backgrounds

Of course, this is the ultimate goal. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll have endless opportunities to practice and build your confidence, so you’re ready to speak English and be understood by anyone, anywhere in the world.

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