Five key American slang phrases

American flag american slang phrases

If you’ve ever watched an American film in English you might have come across some typical slang or colloquial terms. Here are five key American slang words and phrases that everyone should know.

1. Cool – Cool can often mean the same as ‘nice’, ‘great’ or simply ‘ok’.

Example: “The new action film is really cool.”

2. Hit the road – This is a phrase that Americans use when they are leaving.

Example: “It’s time to go home so let’s hit the road.”

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3. Crash – In some cases, ‘to crash’ means the same as to sleep or sleep over.

Example: “I’m going to crash at Steve’s house tonight.”

4. Hang out – This phrase means to spend time together, and is usually used to refer to friends.

Example: “Do you and Jack want to come over to hang out tomorrow?”

5. What’s up – Instead of asking how someone is doing or what he or she has been up to, you could simply ask: ‘What’s up?’

Example: “Hey Sarah, what’s up?”

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