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Achieve success in your TOEFL iBT Test

Practice and perfect your English skills with our preparation exercises, skilled teachers and innovative lessons. We will help you to overcome your language weaknesses before taking your TOEFL exam.

Ever heard the phrase 'practice makes perfect'?

Practice is the key to achieving a high score in your TOEFL. And a high score is your key to impressing academic institutions across the world.

That's why we offer a practice and preparation course specially designed to identify and improve any weaknesses in your English reading, writing, listening or speaking skills. Combined with 24/7 access to our award-winning online school and English teachers-led classes, you'll get all the practice you need.

Our toefl preparation course will help you target your high score:

Your personalized study plan

Our pre-test will identify the twelve areas of the TOEFL you need the most help with. We'll then create a targeted and effective study plan for you to work through.

You'll have access to 60 speaking and 20 writing exercises. With unlimited practice sessions, you'll soon build your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Plus, you can work with our native English speaking or skilled bilingual teachers one-to-one or in group conversation classes anytime, 24/7.

Experience the iBT exam format

Our practice tests match the current iBT TOEFL exam format, giving you the most accurate pre-exam experience possible. 

At the end of your exam simulation you'll review your answers to identify any areas you need to improve.

The accurate feedback you need

For each practice exercise or test you take, you'll receive a full performance summary so you can review and evaluate your results in detail. 

By comparing your answers to our expert responses, you'll pick up tips for boosting your score.

And every time you study in a Group or Private Class with our specially trained teachers, you'll get feedback on your performance too.

Our school offers you more

As an award-winning online English school, we can offer you much more than practice tests. We'll give you 24/7 access to live classes with expert teachers, innovative lessons and support.

Joining our school is the perfect way to boost your general English skills and confidence before your TOEFL.

We deliver lasting language skills to use in your test and beyond.