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Advance your career with certified English results 

Improve your skills and take the next step in your career. Whether it's writing a CV and finding your first job in English or presenting to an international board of directors. Our business English course is the first step. Because a business relationship is like any relationship - it's built on good communnication.

Learning Business English isn't a full time job

Fit your learning into your busy schedule. Learn anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. We have interactive lessons for every level, group  English conversation classes that start every 30 minutes (all you need is a headset and internet connection) and private classes. Always with a native speaking teacher that you choose every time. Private classes last 40 minutes and can be booked for any hour of the day or night. Get ahead and open your career to a range of new possibilities with our business English course.

Business English course overview

Practical English for the Workplace 

Our course starts with the basics, such as English telephone etiquette, key conversation vocabulary, writing a CV and sending an email. Progress to having a meeting in English, negotiating a deal and giving a successful presentation. You’ll also be taught how to perfect a professional email, letter and business writing skills. All with the help of our interactive courseware and native speaking teachers.

Why EF English Live

As a student of EF English Live, you'll benefit from access to our award-winning online English school, where you'll be able to reinforce your professional language skills with the live support of our skilled teachers and hundreds of hours of innovative study tools. We're available 24/7 to support you on your language journey.

We teach general business English but we even teach industry-specific professional English. So whether you’re a celebrity chef, a mad scientist, the next Steve Jobs or an astronaut (or anything else), you’ll learn the right vocabulary. Say ‘yes’ to a career with English this year.


Every time you pass a level, you'll receive an English certificate from HULT international business school - an internationally recognised certification.

To further help employers understand your achievements, we've carefully aligned each of our 16 levels with the six CEFR levels used globally to grade language proficiency.

Our tip for success…

Stay positive

"Try not to be too anxious, learning a foreign language takes time! Keep a positive attitude about your learning. Try to focus on what you do know, rather than on what you don’t."

Laura R., EF English Live Teacher