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Our free online English tests are designed to quickly qualify your English reading, writing, listening and speaking fluency. If you have an important test or exam coming up our online tests and online English courses will help you prepare. The free EF Standardised English Test (EFSET) has been developed by leading academics to deliver extremely accurate results. You’ll receive personalised results that show your strengths and weaknesses.

We also offer an Oral Placement Test that is evaluated by a team of language experts and an online HIMA test that will assess the three key areas of grammar, listening and reading. Take a look at which option is suitable for you.

Take an online free English test now that will assess three key areas of language learning; grammar, listening and reading. Questions of varying difficulty will be asked, and you’ll discover which areas of English communication you thrive in as well as areas where you may need help. Your test results will help you make informed decisions about your future learning.


L'EF Standardised English Test (EFSET) is the result of an academic project combining technology and expertise with the purpose of providing the level of linguistic competence with accuracy. The test lasts for 15min and offers a valid and personalized result.



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