15 популярных английских идиом и устойчивых выражений  

15 популярных английских идиом и устойчивых выражений

Представляю вам 15 широко распространенных английских идиом и устойчивых выражений, которые обогатят ваш словарный запас и необыкновенно быстро выведут вас на уровень носителей языка.

  1. The best of both worlds – означает, что вы можете успешно сочетать две представившиеся вам возможности в одно и то же время. “By working part-time and looking after her kids two days a week she managed to get the best of both worlds.”
  2. Speak of the devil – говорят, когда человек, о котором вы рассказываете, неожиданно появляется перед вами. “Hi Tom, speak of the devil, I was just telling Sara about your new car.”
  3. See eye to eye – значит сходиться во взглядах с кем-либо, находить общий язык. “They finally saw eye to eye on the business deal.”
  4. Once in a blue moon – говорят о том, что случается очень редко, раз в сто лет. “I only go to the cinema once in a blue moon.”
  5. When pigs fly – говорится о чем-то, чего не произойдет никогда; после дождичка в четверг. “When pigs fly she’ll tidy up her room.”
  6. To cost an arm and a leg – стоить очень дорого. “Fuel these days costs an arm and a leg.”
  7. A piece of cake – говорят о чем-то чрезвычайно простом.“The English test was a piece of cake.”
  8. Let the cat out of the bag – случайно выдать секрет.
  9. “I let the cat out of the bag about their wedding plans.”
  10. To feel under the weather – неважно себя чувствовать. “I’m really feeling under the weather today; I have a terrible cold.”
  11.  To kill two birds with one stone – решить две проблемы за раз; убить сразу двух зайцев.“By taking my dad on holiday, I killed two birds with one stone. I got to go away but also spend time with him.”
  12. To cut corners – халтурить, идти в обход правил.“They really cut corners when they built this bathroom; the shower is leaking.”
  13. To add insult to injury – усугублять трудности, доканывать. “To add insult to injury the car drove off without stopping after knocking me off my bike.”
  14. You can’t judge a book by its cover – не судить кого-то или что-то только по внешнему виду. “I thought this no-brand bread would be horrible; turns out you can’t judge a book by its cover.”
  15. Break a leg – означает «удачи!», «ни пуха, ни пера» (часто говорится актерам перед их выходом на сцену). “Break a leg Sam, I’m sure your performance will be great.”
  16. To hit the nail on the head – точно определить проблему или причину создавшейся ситуации; попасть в самую точку. “He hit the nail on the head when he said this company needs more HR support.”


Для проверки усвоения свежеприобретенных знаний попробуйте выполнить следующее задание. Заполните пропуски правильными ответами!

A) I can’t afford this purse! It _______. I won’t be able to pay my rent!

B) His birthday was supposed to be a surprise! I can’t believe you _____. Now he knows!

C) Ha! John has been promising to paint the house for five years…. Maybe when _______.

D) Yeah, it’ll _______. I need to sign some papers at Jenny’s school anyway so i’ll pick her up for you too.

E) I don’t really like going out to bars anymore. I only go

F) I’m sorry I can’t come into work today. I’m ________. I have a sore throat and runny nose.

G) They tried ________ when installing the pipes for the house and now we have leaks only one month after purchasing it!

H) We missed our flight to Paris because the connecting flight was late and to ______ they made us pay for a new ticket as if it was our fault!

I) I can’t wait to see you perform on stage tonight! ______!

J) Jane is just never on time to work, it’s really annoying. O wow, ______ here she comes…

K) So we’re going to London, then Munich, then we will fly out of Athens, right? Great. I’m so glad to be traveling with someone I _______ with.

L) Wow, she found her dream man and has now landed an amazing job. She really does have ______.

M) OK, she might not be the most attractive but _________. I’m sure she is a sweetheart.

N) I have been trying to figure this out for ages. Thanks so much, you’re right. You _______.

O) I can’t believe that was our test. I think it was easier than some of our homework! It was a ______.

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6, 8, 5, 10, 4, 9, 11, 12, 14, 2, 3, 1, 13, 15, 7



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