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L'art de la séduction nécessite de décoder le langage du corps de votre partenaire en plus de surmonter la barrière de la langue. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une nouvelle rencontre amoureuse, assurez-vous de connaître le vocabulaire anglais spécifique aux nouvelles rencontres grâce à notre quiz !
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Pouvez-vous trouver l'amour en anglais?

1. Your friend wants to introduce you to a potential love interest but warns you that he/she is only interested in a "fling". What is a "fling"? 1/10
A friendship
A casual, short-term relationship
A very serious relationship
An acquaintance
2. You overhear your date on the phone whispering "I'm falling for her". What does it mean to "fall for" someone? 2/10
To become clumsy around someone
To trip often in front of someone
To be falling in love with someone
To do crazy things for someone
3. You are going on a date with an American and your friend warns you that your date may want to give you a "hug" at the end of the night. What is a "hug"? 3/10
An embrace
A present
A second date
A kind of kiss
4. Your friend tells you that she wants to "set you up" with someone. This means that she wants to: 4/10
Introduce a potential love interest to you
Play a trick on you
Teach you about love
Give you some love advice
5. If your girlfriend or boyfriend sits you down and says "We need to talk". This usually signifies that your relationship is: 5/10
Not going well
Based on talking
Getting serious
6. If you feel that someone is the perfect love match for you, you can say "I've found the _________." 6/10
Special love
Love of my life
Big love
Special friend
7. Your significant other signs their letter with "XOXO". What does "XOXO" mean? 7/10
I love you
See you soon!
Hugs and Kisses
Do you love me?
8. You've moved to a new city and you want to find a companion. What section of the newspaper should you look in to find other people searching for love: 8/10
9. You're at a bar and an attractive person comes up to you and asks you if you are "single". Being "single" means: 9/10
You came to the bar alone
You have one idea about love
You are not romantically involved with anyone
You are in love with only one person
10. Your friend suspects that your boyfriend/girlfriend will be "on bended knee" by the end of your date tonight. This means that she thinks that he/she will: 10/10
Make a proposal for marriage
Pray in front of you
Beg you to stay with him/her
Tell you how much he/she likes you


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L'art de la séduction nécessite de décoder le langage du corps de votre partenaire en plus de surmonter la barrière de la langue. Avec des questions à choix multiples, vous apprendrez tous les mots utiles et les expressions idiomatiques pour parler de vos sentiments amoureux et vous mettrez toutes les chances de votre côté pour charmer la personne.

Davez-vous séduire en anglais?

You ask your friend John how he and his wife met. He tells you that it was “love at first sight”. What does he mean? 1/10
he hated his wife the first time they met
he gave her a gift the first time they met
he did something embarrassing the first time they met
he fell in love with her the moment he saw her
When you “love someone to death”, it means that… 2/10
you want to kill someone you love
your loved one is dead
you have a strong affection for someone
someone you love wants to kill you
“A match made in heaven” is… 3/10
a couple who’s perfect for each other
a game played by two people after they die
a game played by lovers
lovers blessed by pagan Goddesses
Your best friend has been talking excitedly about her new boyfriend. She claims he's her “soul mate”. What's a “soul mate”? 4/10
a person who steals souls
a person who is perfect for you in every way
an experienced match maker
a disastrous situation of biblical proportions
After dating for more than 10 years, Tom finally “popped the question” to his girlfriend Amy. What did Tom do? 5/10
Tom asked Amy to marry him
Tom popped out of a box
Tom broke up with Amy
Tom asked Amy if she wanted to go for a swim
What does the phrase “Love makes the world go round” mean? 6/10
Love is the reason gravity exists
Love is the reason why people race around the world in hot air balloons
Love is the reason that bad things that happen
Love is the reason for everything that happens and love can solve anything
What does it mean when someone tells you “you're a dream come true!”? 7/10
You’re a nightmare
You’re amazing
You snore
You look like a movie star
When you go on a “blind date”, it means… 8/10
you just rejected a date with a very attractive person
you’re going on a date with a monkey
you’re going on a date with a criminal
you’re going on a date with a person you've never met
Alex tells his best friend that he “has a thing for” Amy. What does he mean? 9/10
He likes Amy a lot
He bought something for Amy
He made something for Amy
Amy bought him a present
Amy believes she’s found her “Mr. Right”. What does she mean? 10/10
Her boyfriend's surname is “Right”
Her boyfriend is always right
Amy believes she’s found the perfect person for her
Amy believes she’s found the perfect person to mow her lawn


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  • Notre quiz EF English Live vous invite à tester vos connaissances sur les relations sentimentales en anglais avec des questions relatives à l’amour ou les sentiments et avoir toutes les cartes en main pour séduire et parler d'amour.

Connaissez-vous le vocabulaire anglais pour les rencontres amoureuses?

1. You and your friend are in a bar and you see a cute guy across the room. You ask your friend if she knows him. She says: Yes, he is a "player". By "player" she means that guy: 1/10
Plays a lot of sports
Is very logical
Has more than one girlfriend at a time
Tells a lot of jokes
2. You and your friends are watching a movie and someone in the room comments that the main character is "really hot". By "hot" he meant that the girl in the movie: 2/10
Doesn't have many clothes on
Is sweating a lot
Looks like she has a lot of money
Is very attractive
3. You ask one of your friends why she thinks you don't have a boyfriend. She tells you to "flirt" more. She means: 3/10
Dress more fashionably
Pretend to be stupid
Be more playful towards the men you like
Go to more parties
4. If you "dump" someone you: 4/10
Have a fight with him/her
Have feelings for him/her
End a relationship with him/her
See him/her unexpectedly
5. You went on a date and the next day a friend asks you if you "went dutch". He/she wants to know if: 5/10
You went to a night club
You each paid for half of the meal
You had a lot to drink
Liked each other
6. One of your friends comments that he met a cool "chick" the other day at the gym. By "chick" he means: 6/10
Just a girl
A really beautiful girl
A girl with a lot of money
A girl with an attitude problem
7. Standing in a coffee shop, you overhear a woman say to the man she is standing with: "That is the worst pick-up line I ever heard". A "pick-up line" is: 7/10
A witty comment meant to start a conversation
An introduction
Bringing back a conversation topic that has already finished
A way of adding someone to a conversation
8. When the weather starts to get warm after a long winter, a lot of people find themselves involved in spring "flings". A "fling" is: 8/10
A long and meaningful relationship
A new friendship
A short-lived casual relationship
An intense affair
9. You are asked if you are "involved" right now. The person asking wants to know: 9/10
If you are dating someone you work with
There is anyone you are interested in
If you are interested in him/her
If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
10. A "one night stand" is: 10/10
Someone you meet and don't get their phone number/email address
A very short-lived affair
A relationship where two people are living together
A relationship that started as a friendship


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  • Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une nouvelle rencontre amoureuse, assurez-vous de connaître le vocabulaire anglais spécifique aux nouvelles rencontres grâce à notre quiz !

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