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La barrière de la langue ne facilite pas la tâche de recherche d'emploi à l'international. Si vous êtes actuellement dans cette situation, parler couramment anglais est indispensable. Prenez le temps de souffler et faîtes une pause avec nous en jouant à notre quiz ! Il vous aidera à tester vos connaissances sur le vocabulaire des recherches d’emploi en anglais.
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Savez-vous rédiger une lettre de motivation en anglais?

You’re writing to express your interest in a job position. You begin your cover letter with… 1/10
I`m writing to express my interest in your company.
I am writing to express my interest in the Manager position advertised on your website.
I am writing to express my gratitude for allowing me to apply for the position of Manager.
I am writing to express my condolences for having to put out an ad for the position.
To convince your potential employers that you’re the perfect candidate for the position, you write… 2/10
I am the perfect candidate for the position.
As you can see, I rock at this job.
I am confident that my experiences make me an ideal candidate for the position.
I am ecstatic that my experiences make me the perfect person for the position.
To demonstrate your “smooth writing skills and professionalism”, you… 3/10
keep sentences to a minimum of three vowels
write long sentences with complex structures
keep sentences short and clear
write a three page essay on your strengths and previous work experience
What is a "cover letter"? 4/10
An introduction letter
An obituary
An autobiography
A sermon
To sell your strengths, you write in your cover letter… 5/10
I developed an effective sales strategy.
I developed a motivational chant.
I wrote a program to make chatting easier.
I hypnotized a client once. He`s still in love with a chicken.
When you’ve finished writing your cover letter, it’s best that you get a friend to “proofread” for you. What does “proofread” mean? 6/10
To spit on it
Ensure your cover letter is long enough
Check for spelling and grammatical errors
add illustrations
When addressing your cover letter to a specific person, you write… 7/10
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Sir
Dear Madam
Chris Wright, Hiring Manager
An acceptable way to end a cover letter is… 8/10
Yours truthfully, John
Yours forever, John
Kisses and hugs, John
Sincerely, John
Why would you write a “letter of application”? 9/10
to apply for a specific position
to ask what you need to bring to an interview
to understand the Hiring Manager a little better
to seek help with your cover letter
Why would you write a “letter of inquiry”? 10/10
to formally request for a second interview
to enquire about the availability of positions
to request for another application form
to ask if your resume has been received


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  • Avant de postuler pour un emploi, un stage à l'international, l'étape de la rédaction de la lettre de motivation en anglais est obligatoire. Découvrez tous nos conseils utiles pour décrocher un entretien.

Êtes-vous a la recherche d'un job a l'etranger?

When John, from ABC company calls to say We would like to invite you in for an interview. You should respond with: 1/10
Been there, done that
I would love to
What does “sometime this week” mean? 2/10
a fortnight ago
one day this week
next quarter
next financial year
Which of the following must you never do during an interview? 3/10
Lie and ramble
Turn off your mobile phone
Dress appropriately
Research and prepare
Which of the following should you do during an interview? 4/10
Spit on the table
Rely on your resume to sell you
Clarify vague questions
Harass the interviewer
When asked “What is your greatest strength?” in an interview, you should respond with: 5/10
I'm great at running!
I'm fantastic at telling jokes!
I handle change well
I'm too stubborn for my own good
What is a “Christmas bonus”? 6/10
sum of money given to employees at the end of the year.
extra cookies given to employees on Christmas Day
extra toys given to employees on Christmas Day
extra days off during Christmas week
If you are unsure about accepting an offer right away, you can say… 7/10
Can I give you my decision on Monday?
Can I give you my decision sometime?
That's cool
Are you sure?
Which of the following is a good way to accept a job offer? 8/10
Yes, I like the job very much
Thank you. I accept your kind offer
Yes, very nice
Thank you, but no
What does it mean when someone says they’re going to give you “the grand tour” of the office? 9/10
You'll be flying to a different country
You'll be bullied by everyone in the office
You'll meet the biggest bully in the office
You'll be shown around the office
When meeting colleagues for the first time, a good way to introduce yourself is… 10/10
Hello, your name, thanks?
Hi! I'm Amy, I'll be managing the HappyPig account
Hi! I'm Amy, I won't be managing your team, thank you
Hi! Would you like to know my name?


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  • La barrière de la langue ne facilite pas la tâche de recherche d'emploi à l'international. Si vous êtes actuellement dans cette situation, parler couramment anglais est indispensable, passez à la vitesse supérieure en essayant l'un de nos quiz !

Pensez-vous pouvior décrocher un job en anglais?

1. What are the "want ads"? 1/10
a listing of people looking for jobs
a listing of available jobs
a listing of things for sale
a very effective advertisement
2. Companies often ask you to send a "resume" when applying for a job. What is a "resume"? 2/10
a formal job application
a picture of yourself
a description of your education and work experience
a description of the job you want
3. Many job applications ask for "references". What are "references"? 3/10
copies of your school diplomas
a letter saying why you want this job
how you found out about this job
letters from previous employers about your job performance
4. After applying for a job, someone calls you from the company to set up an "interview". What do they want you to do? 4/10
come into the company to talk more about the job and ask you some questions
send them some more information about your background
she is calling to tell you that the position has been filled
meet them for a casual dinner
5. When the person interviewing you enters the room and says "How do you do?". How should you respond? 5/10
"How do you do?"
"What's up?"
6. Your interviewer asks you to tell her a little about "your background". What is she asking about? 6/10
how old you are
why you want this job
your education and past work experience
where your family is from
7. Your interviewer asks you to talk about your "strong points"? What are "strong points"? 7/10
what you consider to be your best qualities and abilities
your highest grades in school
the happiest day of your life
your hobbies
8. Your interviewer asks you about your "salary expectations". What are "salary expectations"? 8/10
how much money you made at your previous job
how quickly you expect to get promoted
how much money you want to make now
how many hours a week you are willing to work
9. The interviewer asks you if you are a "people person" or a "quantitative person". What is she asking? 9/10
if you graduated from university
if you prefer dealing with people or numbers
if you are willing to travel
if you can read quickly
10. A few days after the interview, someone from the company calls to tell you that "you're hired." What does he mean? 10/10
the company is offering you the job
the company is not offering you the job
they would like you to come in for another interview
you will need to wait a while longer for their decision


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  • A l’écoute de nos conseils et astuces utiles sur la façon de décrocher un job à l’étranger, vous développerez vos connaissances en anglais sans même vous en rendre compte pour obtenir le poste de vos rêves. Découvrez si vous êtes prêt à relever le défi !

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