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EF English Live Prepares Students Fast for the TOEIC Test

  • Make use of the support offered by our expert English teachers, test training, and timing practice, and you'll soon pick up the English listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills needed for a successful TOEIC score.


Getting Ready for the TOEIC Examination

  • TOEIC (the Test of English for International Communication) is recognized worldwide. It assesses the critical language skills required in an international workplace. Achieving a good TOEIC score will help to get your career off to a flying start.


    Our EF English Live course is a large body of work that gives you the best chance of gaining a good TOEIC score and impressing future employers. Whether you're studying for the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test, the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test or the TOEIC Bridge Test, our online classes will help improve your English language skills.

The TOEIC Prep Course Involves:

Targeted TOEIC pre-test

You begin with a TOEIC pre-test, lasting two hours and consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions. Each question is structured to test your listening and reading comprehension, including routine English used in the workplace.

After the test, you'll receive a report card with an estimated TOEIC score. Review your's and the correct choices to improve your knowledge.

28 personalised training lessons

Our smart platform takes your pre-test result and uses it to build a personalized TOEIC preparation course, consisting of 28 core lessons on English listening, reading, and grammar. The format targets your weakest area first.


Each segment will take one hour to finish, and consists of 50 sample TOEIC questions. You'll soon be familiar with the test structure and ready for the real thing.

Post-test assessment

Following your 28 training lessons, you get to sit a TOEIC post-test assessment, which reveals your progress and raises any areas that require further study.


Taking these results on board will give you a realistic score to aim for on real test day.

Full-length TOEIC practice tests

Your confidence and English skills get a further boost with our full-length TOEIC tests. Familiarize yourself with three TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests, and three Listening and Reading exams.


Completing these exercises is the best prep possible for the real thing, following the same format, structure, and length as the TOEIC test. Get detailed feedback from each test so that you can take advice on board and improve further.

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