English Courses Tailored to Your Personal Targets

Refine your studies with a specialized course for business use, travel, or exam preparation. Learn English skills fast.
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Exam Success, Easier Travel or a Career Boost

  • Everyone's English-learning goal is different, whether it's to pass the TOEFL or TOEIC test, travel abroad, or improve business language. With that in mind, we developed English courses you can tailor for your own hands-on experience. With the help of our expert teachers, you'll soon succeed. 

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Specialized English Courses

When you sign-up to English Live, you'll get access to these specialized English courses:

  • General English

    Ideal for all abilities, this course has 16 CEFR-aligned levels, all with six units. General English will help with all types of English use.

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  • Business English

    Targeted at more experienced students at level 6 and above, you'll learn how to communicate professionally in the workplace. Improve your prospects now.

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  • TOEFL Preparation

    Prepare and practice for your test. A good score will open up new opportunities. For work, travel, or just pleasure, learning with our online English teachers is fun.

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  • TOEIC Preparation

    With the help of professional English teachers and confidence gained in group lessons, you'll be ready to meet your next challenge.

Find out more about our TOEIC course

  • Travel English

    Once you've passed our travel course, for level six and above, you'll be able to communicate in clear English at tourist spots, airports and travel hubs, and hotels.

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  • Job-Specific English

    Want to work with confidence in the English-speaking medical, legal, IT, tourism, automotive, or finance sectors? This English course is for you.

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