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The more you practice, the better your English will become. We've devised a range of free quizzes for you to hone your skills as you progress to your goal. Where will the English language take you?
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Find Love Using English

  • Dating can be awkward at the best of times. But if you can't communicate well, it can all go wrong. Try our fun, five minute-quiz, and test out your English etiquette, terminology, and finding love.

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Basic English

  • Entertaining as well as practical, our fun, five-minute English basics quizzes help you out with simple phrases, grammar, and abbreviations.

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Business English

  • If your job involves speaking in English to staff or customers, this quick quiz will spruce up your knowledge and let you learn some typical management speak.

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Holiday English

  • Many countries in the world use English as a first language, while many more speak it as a second language. Learn English, and you'll get by traveling virtually anywhere in the world. Try our five-minute travel quiz now.

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Sporting English

  • Do you love sport? Test your knowledge and your grasp of English at the same time with our fun, five-minute quiz. Will you beat your competitors?

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English Job Hunting

  • Take our job-hunting quizzes and see how your English might get on in the employment market. Interviews, CVs, or cover letters - test your knowledge now.

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